Spell Material Components

Spells in my game have no material components for the most part. There are exceptions of course. The spell list below will state what those exceptions are, and why.

Permanency. While it isn’t as major as some of the others I do require all of the material components to be there for the permanency spell considering how powerful it can make a PC.

Restoration, both normal and greater. Permanent negative levels should not be shrugged off so easily so I’m making the players pay the full amount for diamond dust required to cast this spell. Note that it is diamond dust that is required, not gold dust, you cannot just use gold coins for the spell’s material component.

Miracle. For obvious reasons this spell can become very overpowered if used in abundance, but it goes with the text since recasting spells below still eat up 9th level spells for the day. If it is used for something very powerful like bringing more then one person back to life it not only uses up the material component cost, but it also eats up all level spells equal to seven and below for that day.

Wish, and Limited Wish. Just as Miracle, Wish and Limited Wish can be used directly from the book, but if the player wants to use one casting of Wish or Limited Wish to eat up all of their spells for that day on top of the material component for a greater chance of success then they most certainly can do that, but just note that doing this does not guarantee that the spell will work.

The Planar Ally Spells. Due to the text specifically stating that the gold is an offering to the outer planar beasts to help you then you must forfeit the gold required for the task that you would like. This spell requires money unlike the summon monster/natures ally because you are trying to communicate with a being that is intelligent. Circumstances may allow me to reconsider the fees to summoning these allies such as you are going up against something it hates, or it is a naturally good creature; basically things like that. This spell can summon almost any number of powerful beings without having to expend extraordinarily outrageous amounts of spells to summon them into the world, and this can give the players a very unnecessary boost in power. Planar Binding does not have a material component because if the creature succeeds it’s will save then it will attempt to kill the PC, and that is a material component enough for me.

Spell Material Components

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