Unique Religion Information


Hellscape is very unique in my game. It’s the name that I call every section of the shadow plane. It’s the Abyss, Abandon, and Pit. Every other section of hell falls into subcategories of the Abyss, Abandon, and Pit.

The Abyss

To start off the Abyss is the top section of Hellscape. It is basically what would be considered the upper atmosphere of the shadow plane. It is a never ending vortex of evil and chaos. Demons thrive here. Often tempting the souls of the weak with power, and promise only to completely turn them into demons.

Though there are many who vie for control in the Abyss the one who has the most power is Lucifer. Now for those who are reading this just note that I don’t believe Satan, and Lucifer are the same being. I don’t mind opinions, but this is mine, and my game so here Lucifer and Satan are different. Lucifer is a fallen angel who’s wings have been blackened and slightly rotted. He is constantly seeking revenge upon the heavens and will corrupt even the weakest soul if it means giving him more of an advantage. When Lucifer first arrived in Hellscape he was actually sent down to the Pit. He was sent to the lowest level of the Pit which was the level for traitors. He managed to break away from the ice after thousands of years of imprisonment. From there he found his way into the Abyss where he started to build an army from the various corruption that he had seen when passing through he decided to build a great army that not even Heaven could defend against. Since then his numbers have grown staggering, and this is why he is known as the dominant power of the Abyss.

The Abandon

The Abandon is the middle section of Hellscape. It is a black marsh that isn’t nearly as populated as the rest of the shadow plane. Here one can wonder for miles without encountering evil, but will often question if evil is lurking in the shadows. Eventually they will meet their end to either one of the daemons or the acidic swamp water that slowly melts their feet until their body falls in the water. Daemons don’t like to enslave, or temp souls. They simply eat the souls after a nice long round of torture. They don’t torture for any reason other than to feel the joy of the screams, and they get a real kick out of suffering, but they never allow their victims to live.

The Abandon is simply ruled by four lords. These four are constantly changing with whichever Daemon becomes more powerful then the current lord. These four are also known as The Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse. They are War, Famine, Pestilence, and Death. Not many know, or care to know the names of War, Famine, and Pestilence, but Death is known by many. He is also known as The Reaper. His name is revered among worshipers of Hellscape. His name is Nerul. While the books never state if he is the fourth horsemen or not I personally state that he is. Again my game, and my storyline. :P Nerul wields a scythe, and harvests souls with ease. His body is covered in tattered dark robes, and his face, and hands are revealed to be filled with blisters, and the final feature to note is his long black beard; filled with sorrow he rides a pale horse whenever he patrols his territory of the abandon. When he isn’t personally on patrol he waits inside of his dark palace. The palace is located on an island within the river Styx. While at his palace he reaps souls on the material plane; he is after all death.

The Pit

The Pit is the bottom layer of Hellscape. Unlike the other realms the shadow plane has its lawful territory at the bottom instead of on the top. It isn’t the strongest hell out there, but its often the worst. Where Demons might allow their victims to become demons themselves so that they can avoid endless suffering, and Daemons will just kill and eat their prey; Devils are much different. They enslave their victims. Unfortunately for those enslaved they will be working for all eternity in the pit which is a land of horror and fire. They will be suffering, and tortured endlessly.

There are plenty of Devils that own large portions of the Pit. However one such being owns a substantially larger piece of the pit then the others. He is the oldest devil known to history. His name is Satan. Satan stands about twenty feet tall. His skin is a blistering red, and he has a long black goatee. His horns are a massive five feet long. The lower half of Satan’s body is that of a giant Minotaur. His weapon of choice is the Trident, and he uses it to impale any who get close to escaping his section of the Pit, and then he pulls them back down through the chain that is connected to the Trident.

Unique Religion Information

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