The Great Dragon Wars

Ten-thousand years ago there was a grand war between the metallic and chromatic dragon flights. Their war was due to both an overpopulation of dragons in the world, and because Tiamat and Buhaumet were fighting over this world since they were not going to share a world. The numbers of dragons before this war were in the hundreds of thousands. After the war only around a thousand overall dragons from both the Metallic Dragon Flight, and the Chromatic Dragon Flight remained. Since this time the dragons have repopulated a bit, but they still aren’t close to the population they had before the war.

During this time Humans, and Orcs still hadn’t evolved into their current forms and were absent. As for the elves they were hiding as best as they could throughout Rosania, and the Dwarves made vast tunnels within their mountains, and kept as best as they could from ever leaving. Halflings were scattered throughout the jungles of Salian still, and Gnomes hadn’t been summoned into the world until half way through the war.

Ultimately the metallic dragon flight lead by Erandicus managed to win after a personal battle between Erandicus and Tysomac; a red dragon who was the leader of the chromatic dragons for the war. This great battle was eventually concluded when Erandicus bit through Tysomac’s neck.

Many dragons talk about their ancestors’ stories about this particular fight. They say it was the fiercest they have ever seen a dragon ever fight for something. When Tysomac was slain the chromatic flight quickly gave up seeing as how the metallic dragons already had better cooperation, personal strength, and now: no leader.

Though the chromatic dragons vastly outnumbered the metallic dragons even after the war, they would simply be no match. Afterwords many metallic dragons believed that their victory would bring Buhaumet from the skies to give his blessing upon Sin. For some odd reason he never came from the heavens. Many believe that the chromatic queen, Tiamat, had a hand in his absence.

The Great Dragon Wars

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