The Elven Forest


The Elvan forest is ran by the Elven Council. The Elven Council is comprised of around thirty Elves from various backgrounds, ages, ect. They all come together to run the country as best as they can. Unlike The Dwarven Mountains this countries council are usually very well mannered to one another, and was formed due to one of the Elves’ four warring clans beating the other three in their warring clans time period. While their current roots may not be as noble as they are they rule with a fair and satisfying reign.

Unlike The Dwarven Mountains the Elven Forest also has sufficient prison space and does not need to make their criminals battle to the death. Also The Elven Forest is going through a time of prohibition where alcohol is illegal, and the only drug that is allowed in this Forest is smoking, and chewing tobacco, and many frown upon its use.

The outlining area of the Forest is covered with swamps around the coastal areas. Many Elves fear these swamps since many of them go missing while traveling through the swamp. The reason for the Elves to go missing is unknown, only that whatever it is must be an excellent hunter to have not be seen by any other people aside from those that it rushes away.

The Elven Forest

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