Sky Island's Power Plant

The key to Sky Island staying afloat is that it is kept in the sky through permanencied spells. These spells were placed in a location known as Sky Island’s Power Plant. There are four spells in all that are located within this power plant.

The first is the fly spell that keeps the isles flying in the upper atmosphere. It is fairly obvious why it would be a bad thing if this spell were to ever fail. This spell was the reason why the other three were necessary though. This spell was originally only supposed to be a levitation spell to keep the island about fifty feet off the surface of Sin, unfortunately when there is that many powerful mages they tend to cast much more powerful magic, and after the spell was permanently placed on to the island was when the mages noticed that they were going up above fifty feet. They then studied the spell and to their horror they had just placed a fly spell rather then a levitate spell. Once they noticed this they rushed to put in place the other spells before they exited breathable parts of the atmosphere.

The first spell they applied after the fly spell was a wall of force spell to keep an atmosphere into Sky Island. Without this spell then no one would be able to breathe within the island. Unfortunately this spell is spread much to thin and it only stops air, and not solid things that fall through it; meaning that if a person fell off the island then they will be falling for a while before dying a gruesome death.

The third spell that was placed in was a wall of fire spell. While this spell might not make sense at first it is necessary for the residents to be able to live on Sky Island. The wall of fire spell was put into place so that even if they exited the atmosphere of the planet then they wouldn’t die of cold since it was the large atmosphere, geological heat, and the sun that kept sin warm. Sky Island would have only had the sun if it weren’t for this spell being put in place. The wall of force spell blocks out just as much of the sunlight as Sin’s atmosphere normally would in case anyone is wondering.

The fourth and final spell that was put in place on Sky Island’s Power Plant was the obscuring mist spell. This spell constantly sends out clouds from the power plant allowing Sky Island to have rainfall so that the plant life doesn’t die out, and to provide drinking water for the mages. There are several rivers and small lakes/ponds around the islands that are constantly draining the area of the water that this spell makes so it also needs to constantly be sending out mist that usually causes rain in the islands once per day for three hours of pouring rain.

Sky Island's Power Plant

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