Sky Island

Sky island

Located above The Eastern Isles, and above the clouds, Sky Island is home to a giant hub of mages. This country was formed years ago out of a large portion of Culanica. Many powerful Wizards wished to have a utopia where spell-casters wouldn’t have to worry about politics, beasts, or borders. Unfortunately the spell they cast to keep the island afloat in the clouds was too powerful. The island is bordered by the edge of the atmosphere of Sin. To keep from suffocating the Wizards created a magical net that made Sky Island have its own atmosphere.

Many argue that it should be called Sky Islands since there is more then one island, but since many live on the largest of the five floating islands they simply do not pay any of the other floating isles heed. The Sky Island’s Power Plant is what the mages built to both keep Sky Island afloat, and keep the atmosphere in check is located on the western island. The power plant has all of the magic cast permanencied to the confines of the plant to make sure the islands never fall. The western island (where it is located) is the second largest island of the sky islands, but hardly anyone ever goes there due to the area being strictly off limits since the leaders of the island don’t want any suicidal saboteurs destroying the power plant and bringing the island plummeting toward the ocean/eastern islands below.

It is much to high to get there by zeppelin so the mages constructed a portal that connects to The C-Alliance’s capitol of Shaloon in Culanica.

Sky Island

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