Zeke Dilander

The Swordsman of The Blue Flame


This elf has black hair, and blue eyes. He usually wears a business suit, but the only reason why he has such nice clothing is due to whom he has killed. He practices mixing ice and flames; much like how The Hero mixed acid and flames.


Throughout his life he has been called a demon, and hasn’t disappointed with the nickname. He kills and murders as he sees fit. His path so far has had him follow in the footsteps of The Hero, but that is only to master mixing flames with a different element.

While he believes his flames are beautiful and that they are a new breakthrough in magical feats the swordsmen of the green flames scorn him and believe his flames are volatile while their flames are pure. This mainly has to do with how their flames were founded by the power of good and Zeke’s flames were founded out of evil. The art of mixing flames is a secret, but one thing is for sure: the residual power from the master left into the blade is nothing short of miraculous.

Zeke Dilander

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