Tibby Roughouser

Dwarf Arena Organizer


Tibby is a Dwarf with a red beard. He is bald, and pale especially on the top of his head where he normally wears a hat. He is usually in commoners clothing and smoking pipe weed. Like most other Dwarves Tibby loves his ale, and strippers.


Tibby Roughouser is the Arena Organizer for the great coliseum in the city of Dulidran. Dulidran is the current capitol city of the Dwarven Mountains. Due to how popular the coliseum is Tibby is quite a wealthy Dwarf. He helped the characters enter the Fire Temple and gave them ample supplies to help them deal with the intense heat, claiming that he owned the deeds to half of the city that the Fire Temple was located in, and if they could clear out those monsters he would then make a killing.

Tibby Roughouser

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