A Naive paladin of Sarenrae, she is not very cunning but is extremely loyal.



Kieana was born in a small duchy in the northern part of Rosania. This duchy was essentially unknown, as they produced many of the good that they needed and only traded for exotic luxuries. Kieana was the daughter of a farmer and his wife, and is the middle child in a family of 5 (She has and older brother and a younger sister). She grow up working around the farm, and because life was very simple for her family, she did not have many luxuries. She decided to study religion in her spare time, using money that she earned from buying newspapers and selling them in the street during the off season to purchase her books. She hoped to gain enough money to travel to the rich side of her village and hire a tutor, and maybe see the gallant Pegasus knights that were unique to this duchy, but the farm became more of a demand on the family, and she slowly forgot about these aspirations under all of the hard work.

One early morning, while tending to the chickens, a 17 year old Kieana felt very lightheaded and became unable to stand. She crawled out of the coop and passed out. She awoke in a simple room that was larger than any room in her house. She heard a dull chanting and assumed that she was in a church, although one that was large and more well equipped that she had been used to going to.

“Hello.” a woman said from behind her. “We were wondering when you would wake up, although some people were hoping that you wouldn’t at all.” Kieana sat up and turned her head.

“Where am I?” she asked, her head still fuzzy and her vision slowly clearing.

The woman standing behind her bed, dressed in ceremonial plate armor and obviously highly decorated responded in an authoritative voice “You are in the castle of Duchess Eir, in the church. Your family found you in your condition and brought you to a small church close to your home. The cleric there sent you here, as is customary when we find someone like you.”

Kieana felt very worried. Was she a demon, had she contracted lycanthropy?

“Someone like me?” Kieana asked in a very worried tone.

The woman smiled. “No need to worry.” she said. “You are not going to become an abomination. The exact opposite of that, actually. You have been selected by a god to serve as an agent. You have the potential and the strength to become a Paladin.”

Kieana had studied Paladins loosely in her research. They were the bringers of justice and kindness wherever they went. They were generally well liked, and in some cases, loved by the common folk. But they were rare.

“I’m…a Paladin?” she asked with a confused tone.

“Yes.” the woman said. “I remember when I was chosen, although they didn’t have to take me as far, considering I lived here in the castle at the time.” she joked.

Kieana then realized who this woman was. She was the princess, daughter of Duchess Eir, and the head of Eir troops and the Pegasus knights. As Kieana got up to bow, the woman stopped her.

“No bowing anymore.” the woman said. “The only thing that has authority over you are the gods. But, if you wish to walk the path of the Paladin, you must learn what I have to teach you. You will learn why Paladins are loved for what they do, and why the gods chose you to be a bastion of kindness. I will train you with all of my energy, I just ask that you use the same amount of energy to learn.”

Being a Paladin surprised her family a great deal. Usually Paladin hood was reserved for nobles, but a poor girl from a farming family was chosen by the gods. This caused a great revival of religious worship in her duchy, and Kieana used the money she made working as a militiawoman to help support her family when the harvest was particularly lackluster.

Kieana trained with Princess Laria and became an experienced Cavalier. She even obtained her own Pegasus mount, a feat that she would never have thought possible of achieving when she was working on a small farm with her family.

She received a message in a dream after her 7th year of training. A beautiful woman with hair as radiant as the sun implored her to defeat a great evil that is returning to the land. So, with a tearful goodbye to her family and an immense expression of gratitude to those who had helped her she set off as a Paladin of Sarenrae into the great unknown.


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