A mysterious cat that rules the beast forest


Deedra is a vary mysterious cat that lives in the beast forest on Rosania. She has purple eyes and grey stripes down her back, aside from that she is completely black. She doesn’t speak common very well, but made enough sense to guide the party to the Forest Palace. In times of danger Deedra usually hides although when it is a necessity she will fight. When she gets into a fight she grows to be about the size of an SUV truck and pounces.


Deedra is known as the queen of the forest since she is one of five animal kings that rule the beast forest on the western side of Rosania. The other animal kings are a wolf, guerrilla, boar, and bear. Deedra represents large cats even though she seems like a slightly larger then average house cat.

Though she is an animal queen, rather than a humanoid queen, she believes that every ruler should have their own place to rule. Her place of rule is The Forest Palace which, aside from her, has long since been abandoned.


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