A half-elf Druid with his pet Dino Fluffy looking to kill all who hurt the earth and its glory


Archametis lvl 12 Druid
stg,15 dex, 14 con, 15 int, 13 wis, 18 cha, 14 Hp 85 size: m gender: male age: 31 Lbs: 115 speed without armor: 30 with armor: 20 ac 17 touch: 12 flat-footed: 15 initiative: 1
fortitude: 10
reflex: 5
will: 12
base attack: 9-4
cmb: 9 cmd: 20
trident, bow of life, claws


Climb, Craft, Fly, Handle Animal, Heal, Knowledge(geography), Knowledge(nature), Perception Profession, Ride, Spellcraft, Survival, Swim

Common, Elven, Drucic, and Sylvan

Skill focus, Natural Spell, Rendering Claws, Imporved Unarmand strike, wild speech, eldrtich claws, improved share spell, vital stike elemental fist

special Abilities
Low-light vision, wild empathy, totem-tranformation, totem-summons, wild shape 4/days, nature bend, nature sense, woodland stride, trackless step.


As a Saurian Shaman living in the on Saurian Island Archametis had to learn at a young age to tame the dinosaurs before the he became there meal learning the ways of the Druid from his father a druid form the elven forest he not only learned how to tame the wild beasts he made one his friend being young when this had happened he named him Fluffy. Archametis trained with Fluffy night and day untill they became strong in mind and heart. One day a merfolk with strang marks on its neck and on the brink of death had come all the way form Millu Island to find some one to break them of a blue dragons bond to slavery this dragons name was Mytrin. Archametis thought well if he can handle Dinosaurs he can handle one with wings so after healing the merfolk who told him tale of sarrow he made a bout and sailed to Millu Island. contorling the wind in his favor he got there in less then a week having after getting there he then saw a ship hevaly damaged show up at port he he saw a man that looked like he knew lots about the arts of magic even more then he did and a women who look very sly and sneaky in here ways so like any man he followed the women he then saw she was heading to the local bar so he took a short cut to beat her there he sat at the far table in the bar fun thing was fluffy never wanting to leave his side came in to the bar tender told him that fluffy had to go Archametis just said with a sracastic tone " you tell him that and see what he thinks " ofcourse fluffy was aloud to stay when the women walked in being a smart ass that Archametis is he walks up to her and says " hey baby looking for a good time your place or mine knowing she had no place " she gave him a glare and said " who the hell are u and what u want " Archametis then said " im lookin for a little fun and i crave battle " not wanting to show his ture nature of the reason to being there. after taking with Sam he then meet the paladin Kieana and the Magus Kale Blackwell and joined there party to see if they where agasist them or with them in his really quest


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