Captain Alexander Siftious

The Blood Magus


Alexander Siftious is a Half-Elf who only has one eye, and a pirate style eye patch over the other eye. As well as a tattoo above his missing right eye that reads in big, bold, black letters “Badass”. He doesn’t wear a shirt and is fairly muscular, but he does wear a long flowing black coat with black pants and black boots. He has medium length, black, spiky hair.


Alexander Siftious is known for previously having a 15,000gp bounty on his head before he was proven innocent at a court hearing. He used to be in The Blood Order, but was betrayed by the leader and his experiment The Wretched Egg. It was do to their betrayal that he had the bounty on his head. Currently he is trying to find his place in the world, preferably somewhere were he can always get in a good, challenging fight.

Recently Alexander has become the captain of a ship that has been employed by Heywood. While his crew members seem to be concerned with their lives he seems to be concerned with how much excitement the ship will come across through it’s journeys.

Captain Alexander Siftious

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