The World of Sin

The Horrors of The Castle Hidden in The Snow

Kale's Corruption

It had been a week since the group had saved the power plant from destruction and the arch mage finally managed to fix the generators of the power plant. He then allowed the group to take up the backup power supply for their help. The backup power supply was the shard of air. The arch mage then stated that the group should leave the building and then they will meet his assistant who will show them the way across the gap on the islands.

First the group decided to take a look at the orb to see where the next shard was. They were struck by visions of a snowy plane that was being rattled by a severe whiteout. Lloyd explained that this was the very northern tip of Culanica in a country known as Shiron. The next shard was being held in a large castle known as Aranthor’s Abandoned Castle.

The group was astonished to find that the arch mages assistant was the cloud dragon who seemed to be skulking outside of the power plant. The dragon was kind and helped them across so that they didn’t need to spend spells to get across the way.

The group then traveled through the portal of Sky Island. They decided that it would probably be best if they find a guide before venturing into the snowy wastelands that they had seen in the orb. The group decided to wait until they get to Shiron before they get a guide since that would probably be the best place to look for a guide.

They made their way through Shaloon, and before long they were on the open road. After about a week and a half of traveling they made it to what seemed to be a blockade in the road. They addressed the guards as guards of the country known as Eena. These guards stopped them and questioned the party about their business in Eena. After determining that the party wasn’t there for war they then let the party pass.

It was three days before they made it to Eena’s northern border. Oddly enough there wasn’t a blockade there, but they did hear the sounds of battle in the distance. They went around what they believed to be a large battle taking place around a large tower. After another week of travel they found themselves in the country of Shiron.

The first thing they did upon making it to Shiron’s capitol of Mist Glaive was to find a guide. The town seemed to be made mostly of log houses, and the people seemed very weary of the northern portion of their country where it was a snowy wasteland that was nearly impassable. The citizens of Shiron were also fairly frightened of that region due to the castle apparently being haunted. Eventually they asked the dreaded question, “Is there anyone here who can navigate the northern portion of this country?” Surprisingly the inn keeper knew of someone who was willing to do almost anything for money. He directed the party to the bard that was playing music on his ocarina in the corner.

The bard decided to help out the party. Unfortunately the bard didn’t seem to be as knowledgeable about the northern lands as hoped. He eventually came to the conclusion that he had a general understanding of where the castle was, and they’ll figure out where it is when they get closer to the location. Not feeling too reassured the group decided to have one last night of comfort in Mist Glaive before making their way toward the castle.

The walk to the castle was harsh. The snow whipped across the adventurer’s faces. Kale made the walk there somewhat comfortable through magic, but he couldn’t always keep up his magical shielding from the intense climate. Finally after an additional three days of wandering in near blinding conditions the party had finally stumbled upon the castle.

There were magical runes lining the castle. Inside there were various traps, magical locks, obscuring mist, and many other annoyances. Eventually the party had found their way into a room that was much colder than the other rooms of the castle. Inside they saw a skeleton with ice armor. As soon as it noticed them it attacked.

The battle was intense especially for Kale who was swallowed by black flames that came off of the skeleton’s claws after slashing Kale. He became fairly ill even after the fight was won and the flames had stopped Kale looked deathly ill and burned nearly beyond recognition. Kale decided to teleport back to Shaloon to seek help from the clerics of the grand city.

The rest of the party decided that they wanted to continue onward. Sam was annoyed to find that one of the doors had a magic mouth that was threatening to kill her if she opened the door. She did not heed the warning and opened the door anyway. After opening the door she found that one of the rooms had something moaning and grunting within it.

Whatever was in the room let out a horrific howl, but the seasoned adventurers didn’t seem to be phased by this. They decided to go to the door that was on the opposite side of the hallway from the door they entered from. This door led to another courtyard. There was quite a loud noise in this courtyard from above. The group looked up to see what was going on and beheld the largest dragon they had ever seen. It was a white dragon, and as soon as they addressed it the creature simply talked about how it warned them not to go into the door.

The monster began its attack, but before it did so Kieana claimed that if it simply killed her then the rest of the group would just leave and it will have successfully won the fight with only one kill. This claim seemed to have worked since the dragon showed no sign of care from the other group members. It followed Kieana into the sky, but she managed to lay a mighty blow on the creature sending it hurdling back toward the ground.

Sam heard a loud crash next to her. To her this was definitely not good since she was already shaken by the dragon’s presence, and now it was only feet from her. So Sam decided to hide in the corner of the court yard where she believed the dragon wouldn’t follow her.

From here the dragon decided to retreat to where it would have a better advantage since Kieana seemed to have better maneuverability outside so the dragon used its breath weapon to create a large cloud of snow that obscured vision of it so Kieana wouldn’t know where or what was going on within the cloud.

The dragon then retreated in doors making it right past the bard who seemed to be rather distracted by the snow cloud. The dragon took on a human form that looked like a twenty year old human that wore white clothing and had short bluish white hair. The dragon seemed to move very fluently in this form, and aside from the strange appearance would easily pass for human.

Kieana gave chase and managed to catch the dragon before it completely retreated. The dragon used its breathe one last time in vein as it didn’t seem to harm Kieana too much. Then the door where the howl came from suddenly swung open as a strange creature that appeared to be a human/deer mix without feet that seemed to hover instead of walk. It had blood practically pouring from its muzzle, and appeared to be very terrifying.

The dragon then stated it wouldn’t attack the party, and that it had failed so it will be fleeing for its life from the dragons too. It didn’t want to die so it was willing to do almost anything to avoid its impending fate. Kieana agreed that as long as it wouldn’t attack anyone then she would allow it to leave. The dragon then traveled through a door that the party hadn’t been through before and appeared not to bother them.

The battle with the new strange creature wasn’t going very well since it had pinned Kieana and appeared to be ready to send her away. Suddenly Kale teleported back in and the creature appeared to fly through the walls at very fast speeds with Kieana. The group gave chase to Kieana and the strange creature and they were very happy to see that Kieana managed to break free after only just getting outside. The cloud formed from the dragon had finally dispersed and the fighting out here continued with this new fierce foe.

Kale managed to completely decimate the creature in just three hits. The party seemed rather discouraged since they seemed to not be there for anything other than being Kale’s company while he saved the world. After the battle the group then went inside of the room that the creature had come out of. They found a closet and inside was filled with gold and the shard of Erandicus’ fang.

Kale noticed that there was some sort of magical eye that was following the group so he dispelled it. After he dispelled it he noticed that there was some sort of magic underneath him. No matter where he stepped this magic followed him. After about a minute of this finally the magic manifested and opened a portal underneath Kale swallowing him inside of a mouth of fire. The rest of the party questioned what just happened, but came to the conclusion that since it happened to Kale that he would be fine.

Inside of the portal Kale found himself inside of a room that appeared to be made out of dark metal and had various horrific markings throughout the room. On the other side of the room he saw a strange man who had red skin and horns in a business suit sitting behind a desk.

The strange figure greeted him and Kale had a seat and drank the wine that the man offered. Kale resisted something magical coming from the wine. The red man seemed to be pleased that Kale had managed to do so. After a brief talk the man offered Kale a contract to join the hell spawn in the war they were planning to have with the forces of good on the material plane.

Kale surprisingly seemed to be completely into this idea and did not hesitate to sign the contract to which his body was completely covered in chains. Then a pentagram was etched into his skin. After that his skin seemed to blister and he grew horns. He was given a portal back to join his friends since part of his mission was to help them back into a more survivable location so that they may gather the next shard while he split off by himself and gained the final shard. When they came to get the final shard then he would kill them all and claim all of the shards for himself and the power of the shadow realms.

Kale then went through the portal and did as he was asked. He then made a portal for everyone to cross over into Shaloon. He was weary of Sam whom was ratted out by the red man to be Imata Shadowstorm, and that her true purpose to be with the group was to spy on him. After everyone had made it through Kale closed the portal. He wasn’t going to join them since he already knew the location of the final shard, and he made a portal to the closest point he knew to the final shard; only miles away…



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