The World of Sin

The Great Desert, and Set's Pyramid

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After taking the black dragonborne’s blood the party decided to allow him to leave seeing as how they believed they weren’t going to get any more information out of him, and he wasn’t fighting back. Unfortunately for him Kale had other plans. Kale killed him as soon as the group decided that they were done with the dragonborne. Kieana and Kale then had an argument about why they should not be killing the fallen dragonborne, and while this argument was occurring Sam coup de graced both the dragonborne that Kale just downed, and the one that was downed in the middle of the fight, but Sam did so stealthily so that Kieana wouldn’t notice.

When Kieana turned to heal the dragonborne since it wasn’t part of her code to slay those who had already surrendered she saw his throat had been slit and then angrily questioned who did it. Sam was already in the position she was in before she had slit their throats and managed to simply irritate the hell out of the paladin whom never found out.

Before too long the group decided to look for any other areas of this tower, maybe a way out so Kale didn’t have to use his spells for today. Sam managed to find a hidden doorway and opened it up. Inside there was a forty foot by forty foot room that appeared to be made out of concrete that was painted blue. Inside of the room was a shelf in the very center of the room, one chest in the center of the back of the room, and two chests on either side.

Sam decided to start opening up the chests, and quickly found out that they were rigged to spray a poison sleep gas on anyone who would trigger the trap on the chests. She quickly found out that it was quite an effective trap as she triggered it and fell asleep. Kale believed the rogue would be much more helpful in this situation than him so he decided to use a spell up to transfer the poison to him. Upon this happening Kieana quickly grew more irritated as she didn’t care to wait here for however long the sleeping poison was going to last before Kale woke up to teleport them back.

Several more members of the group attempted to open the chests and failed miserably. Archimedes was an elf, but due to the circumstances of him not stating he was an elf he also passed out (I’m saying that its due to the sudden fright of triggering the poison rather than the actual poison its self). From there Nesterok took a blood sample from Kale to begin brewing a cure for the poison.

Seeing the rest of the group pass out due to the poison Nesterok waited the two minutes before the sleeping poison stopped spraying from the chests before dragging the sleeping people away from the chests. From here Jeffrey pulled out a pocket watch and stated that he was “Incredibly late for an important event” after stating this he asked if there was any possible way to get the poison off of Kale so that he could go back to the island. Kieana decided that using up a fourth level spell was worth it and removed poison from Kale.

The two then told Kale to teleport them back to Millu Island to which Kale abided. When they teleported back they found that Mytrin’s Domain had become a warzone. It seemed that pirates from The Northern Isles had besieged the town. Not only were there pirates, but also revolutionaries who wanted freedom. The two quickly took note as to the two exploding metal tubes at the front gate that seemed to use fire to launch the metal balls at passing ships. The damage they did was incredible, but due to how much the guards were outnumbered by they were unable to protect the city. Kale, Kieana, and Jeffrey joined the battle on the pirates’ side, but Kale and Kieana didn’t quite understand why.

Meanwhile at the tower Nesterok had taken four hours to learn how to, and prepare a cure for the sleeping poison. Once this happened, and he administered the poison it took an additional four hours of constant failure from the remaining party members before they finally got the three chests opened and beheld the loot inside of them. They found a sword of Subtlety, Masterwork Brass Dragon-skin banded mail, and a few other decent magical items within the chests, but the most important to them would be the large amount of money inside.

The three inside the tower, that is Sam, Archimedes, and Nesterok then looked for a way back to Millu Island since they were in The Spire of Gozreh which was located about two miles off of the coast of the island so swimming didn’t seem like a very good idea. Eventually they found that Mytrin’s opium den area of this tower where they killed the insectoid Daemon was actually an elevator.

Eventually they clicked the up button as they found the elevator went all the way down to the bottom of the spire. When they clicked the up button the elevator took them up to the top of the tower. On the top of the tower there was an orb that was held four feet high by a four-legged post. Nesterok made a use magic device check and the three remaining members of the party were teleported to a dark room.

When they were teleported to the dark room they heard the sound of what they believed to be thunder and battle outside of this building. Nesterok opened the door that was located on one of the walls of this room, and recognized the area as being inside of Mytrin’s palace. The three walked out of the room, and saw a man get thrown out of a room down the hallway, and go smashing against a wall.

After a few minutes of confusion Kale, Jeffrey, and a few other revolutionaries showed up, they appeared to be making their way to Mytrin’s room. Kieana had been separated from them because of the battle. They then made their way to Mytrin’s room and had a elongated battle to which the pirates, revolutionaries, and Jeffrey served to be nothing more than additional targets to split the damage.

The battle was intense, and Fluffy, Archimedes’ dinosaur animal companion, had been slain by Mytrin in the middle of the fight. Eventually though the party did manage to defeat Mytrin; the final blow had actually been dealt by one of the lesser pirates when he thrust his spear into Mytrin’s bloodied neck. The man seemed extraordinarily shocked that he was the one who brought the huge brine dragon down.

After the battle the shocked Nesterok made his way back into the room since he abandoned the ones he had traveled through The Spire of Gozreh with since he was originally employed by Mytrin. He believed Mytrin was going to win hands down, but when it turned out that the party had won he knew that Jeffrey had earned his position as the new monarch of this country. Nesterok decided that Fluffy’s (Archimedes’ fallen dinosaur pet) life was more important than the fallen pirates’ lives, and resurrecting Mytrin would probably get Mytrin killed again, and everyone would also probably be trying to kill him too.

From there Jeffrey claimed the island, but Sam grew curious and had everyone that wasn’t part of the group (Except Jeffrey) leave so that the party may review the scrying orb that they had picked up back in The Spire of Gozreh.

As they activated the orb they were brought to a huge desert with sand dunes as far as the eye could see. Down in a small valley in-between the dunes they beheld a massive pyramid. There was the same figure dressed in black as usual, Lloyd. Lloyd then explained that this temple was known as Set’s Pyramid, and was a cursed place in the center of the great desert of Salian, also he explained that it would be much more dangerous than the previous temple. From there, above the pyramid a cloud formation started to form, that is strange for a place in the middle of the desert. After a storm started to pick up in the desert region the vision faded, and the party was brought back to Mytrin’s palace opium den.

Jeffrey then excused himself after Kieana pointed out that his hair seemed to be a little bit messed up. He came back a few minutes later to take a much more detailed tour of his new palace since he was the one who organized the attack on Mytrin’s Domain. It turned out that the pirates helped him out since Mytrin enslaved the pirate leader’s daughter.

The party then returned to their ship after accompanying Jeffrey in exploring his new palace. They learned that the Inquisitor of Aleor: Heywood had been accidentally hit with a cannon, and died upon impact. Captain Alexander Siftious agreed to take the party to Salian after they explained where they were going next since the ship had been paid so much money by their fallen comrade, but that the party would still have to wait for around five days since the ship was still being repaired.

The party noticed that the monk guide that accompanied them through The Elven Forest had disappeared, according to Alexander he had stated that he wished to return to his training since he became too sea sick to train while journeying via boat, and then he departed.

The five days were mostly uneventful; pretty much just everyone who was a slave on the island being told they were free to do whatever they wished. Jeffrey seemed to make most happy, but Mytrin wasn’t a horrible leader he just lead in a way that wasn’t necessarily needed. Freedom was a nice thing to have overall though, and it brought happiness to a few who had been ditched on this island to find the only way to live would be through slavery.

During the five days Sam had the dream with Erandicus since she had been carrying the whip. She had accepted becoming one of his champions, and when she met him she was alone since he had foreseen problems occurring with him meeting her with someone else. This section was skipped in-game since Sam is fairly reasonable, and would probably accept without much hesitation since it helps her blend in to the group.

The boat had sailed relatively smoothly with no leaks. It took about two weeks to travel all the way down to Salian, and throughout the boat journey the group noted how much warmer the temperature got. Finally after a much longer boat ride then the first one the party finally saw land. It was a beautiful coastline that was filled with palm beaches.

They traveled the coastline for about a day before they finally saw port. The city’s name was Akshir. They said their farewells to Alexander and the crew since they had been released from their contract with Heywood, and with that the party made their way into the city. The group spent about six hours in the town buying supplies and when dusk started approaching they started out in the great desert.

They traveled for a week before one night Kale was abruptly awoken by his sword whom stated that it detected the presence of the one with the blue flames whom Kale had been instructed to bring the head of to the green flame sword, Juru. Kale decided to awake everyone even though the sword told him there was no time. It turned out to be in his favor since he got a ride from Kieana on her Pegasus.

When they arrived about a mile away to the source of the blue flames then they came across “The Blue Flame Samurai” who was also known as Zeke Dilander. Zeke seemed to be preforming some sort of ritual where he drew out the natural energy of the land around him to be converted into arcane magic. Drawing out power like this helped to fuel his growing strength to be able to wield fire and frost at the same time. The ritual ground was filled with candles that were all lit with a blue flame, but to everyone else he had simply wanted seclusion in the desert.

After a brief, uneventful talk the party decided he wasn’t hurting anyone out here so they would let him be. The entire time the party was talking Kale’s black blade had been demanding that he should kill Zeke to be able to free the green flame sword so that it can be destroyed by the black blade. When Zeke left the area and Kale watched him walk away he couldn’t help but feel that his waking up the paladin had cost him a great opportunity.

The travel through the desert was harsh, and the supplies that the party had bought to keep alive in the desert were dwindling since it took them a half a week longer than they expected. The whole journey took a week and a half of enduring the desert sun, but most of the way they had Kale’s spells and Kieana’s left over scrolls of endure elements that she got from Tibby so they were provided temporary relief.

Eventually they made it to the place they had seen from the orb a little over a month ago. They descended into the pyramid’s valley, noting the ominous clouds that loomed above the area. As they made their way to the door they noticed there was a four-legged figure with a human man’s head, a lion’s body, and an eagle’s wings. The figure turned out to be the sphinx that guarded the front door of the pyramid.

The sphinx then claimed, “You must complete my riddles three, and only then will the way be open to thee.” Though it was a little bit strange the three riddles turned out to not be that much of a hindrance to the party, and they quickly solved them with little effort though the comment the sphinx made about two others making it through the riddles today puzzled them.

They asked who the other two people were that managed to make it past the riddles and the sphinx replied with, “There was a dragon whose scales were as blue as the sky, and a school girl with an evil look in her eye. The girl was particularly scary; her eyes had seemed to be made out of ebony, and when I looked into them I saw hate and agony.”

Not feeling reassured by the descriptions being correct the party entered the pyramid that seemed to be made out of sand stone. The doors were also made out of sand stone and were fairly heavy. The first room was circular, and had three doors on the other end of the room. Hieroglyphics seemed to cover the interior of the pyramid. Sam decided to decode the hieroglyphics, and Nesterok already knew the language of Salian.

The hieroglyphics had stated that the three doors in front of the party were the doorways to darkness, light, and the doorway on the left was the doorway to death and the beast. The party decided that the doorway of light was the least dangerous sounding option and decided to go through there. They entered a tunnel that curved slightly and made their way past another sandstone door to discover a room that was also lit by torches.

This room had two large balcony/platform areas on either side of the room. The ramp ways up to the platforms were on opposite sides, the one for the left balcony was on the entrance’s side, and the ramp for the right platform was on the opposing side of the room. The room was about one-hundred feet tall, and was about one-hundred feet wide, and three-hundred feet long. The doorway on the other side was shut, and instead of being a medium sandstone door it was a huge sandstone door. There was a panel on the back right side of the room that was blue and had a sun in the middle of it.

After roaming about the room reading the hieroglyphics for a while the party discovered that they must attach the sun to its light in order to open the way. Nesterok attempted to use the dancing lights spell to light up the area around the sun marking, but it did not work. Kieana was feeling a bit bolder and decided to traverse up one of the ramp ways. She discovered the back portions of the platforms had mirrors that seemed to be adjustable. Finally there were three animated beings that appeared to be made out of clay that were in front of either mirror. The beings had canine faces, but with the bodies of large men. The clay beings noticed Kieana, but they did not move to do anything.

After reading a bit more of the hieroglyphics Nesterok determined that in order to open the portal to the missing sun light the group needed to defeat all of the guardians. The group gathered up and then engaged the beasts. Quickly everyone found that almost all spells had no effect on these beings, and they were neutral guardians so the paladin couldn’t smite evil them.

The golems seemed to react only when their side would get attacked, but Kieana had used her Pegasus to attack a golem from the opposite side from where the group was fighting. Fortunately it was a really long walk to the other platform so they didn’t swarm the party. The battle was a very long one due to no one being particularly strong against golems. Eventually the party mopped up the golems on the right platform and Kieana used the height of the platforms to her advantage and pushed one golem off of the platform so it could take falling damage.

At the time of all of the golems on the right platform being defeated the group then turned their attention below. Kieana noticing how effective blunt force was on these golems decided to lasso one of them with a silk rope they obtained from The Spire of Gozreh’s treasure room. When she did she then had her Pegasus fly up and dropped the golem from one-hundred feet in the air on to the other golems. This seemed to be really effective in damaging them, but it didn’t quite kill any of them.

Archimedes decided to use his summon natures ally spell to summon a gargantuan dinosaur. He attempted to summon it above the golems, but the dinosaur was summoned only five feet above the ground, and to the side of the golems, but it did make a thunderous crash onto the ground when it landed. The impact from the dinosaur hitting the sandstone ground caused large cracks to form and spread to the sides of the platforms, but aside from cracking parts of the structure it didn’t do anything. The dinosaur used its tail’s blunt force to smash through the golems with little to no problems.

Kale had summoned a wall above the remaining golems and the wall fell on them dealing a bit of blunt damage, but didn’t seem to work too well since the wall wasn’t made to have uneven ground to land on. Eventually through unconventional means the party did manage to slay the golems faster than they would have if they would have used regular means.

After the battle the group then noticed a circular marking on the ceiling opened up and sunlight shown inside on one of the mirrors, but it was the right hand side mirror, and couldn’t be angled toward the panel. So they angled it to show sunlight on the left mirror. They then adjusted the left mirror to show sunlight on the picture of the sun. Once they did little holes in the picture of the sun opened up to show a hollow smiley face and the sun rays on the painting began to move in a circular motion. The huge door then opened for the party.

On the opposite side of the door they noted that there was another hole in the ceiling that was letting in sunlight. The sunlight here however did not have a mirror to angle it though. The huge hallway led to another fairly large room. The back wall was jagged and had many different small walls on it, and all of those walls were covered in mirrors, but the sunlight from before appeared to be the only sunlight this room was going to get.

Also in the room was a door on the right (which had bars over it) and another door on the left which appeared to be open able. They decided that the door on the left was the one they wanted to open and passed through. The spy didn’t detect any traps and they continued onward down the hallway. The hallway eventually came to a crossroad with another hallway. Not knowing which way to go the group decided to have Nesterok consult the hieroglyphics. Nesterok looked onward and determined that the pathway to the right of where they came in from was the correct pathway.

According to the hieroglyphics the room down this pathway was supposed to be the cursed pharaoh’s tomb. Apparently he was a restless spirit that wanted to destroy any who trespass in his area. The group bravely continued on even though the scriptures seemed to be quite gruesome.

They then took this route to which Sam was checking for traps. She eventually came to a door at the end of the tunnel and heard creaking, and shifting form the structure. The party eventually was lead back to the area by Sam, and they entered through the doorway. As they all came in Sam saw a Belor, and just as its whip reached her face she saw through the image and the whip passed through her head causing no damage, but scaring her briefly. Kieana then felt a horrible feeling from within her, but made her saving throw to not take the huge amount of damage from the Slay Living spell.

Quickly Sam realized that this location was known as a Haunt. The only way to affect a haunt was through channeling positive energy. Sam informed the group of what she knew and Kieana responded by channeling positive energy.

Kieana quickly managed to cleanse the tomb, but doing so caused the restless spirit to be purged in a violent manner. The earth began to quake and the room caved in. It trapped Archimedes, but he was rescued by his friends before being buried alive killed him.

Once they regained their senses the heroes realized they were on the side of the room that they had entered from. At first they believed they might have to dig their way through, but decided to consult the hieroglyphics again which told them that the first doorway on the right was the one that lead to the cursed pharaoh’s treasure.

They entered through the doorway to see a stairway leading down. The hieroglyphics stated that in order to make it to heaven you must first go to hell. The party seemed really weary of the platform at the bottom of the staircase. On the left side of that platform was a staircase leading up. Sam messed up and accidentally landed on the platform, however it wasn’t trapped like everyone believed it to be, and Sam was fine.

The staircase leading up finally came to a doorway which the group opened. Within this room were two horribly maimed dragons, and both were dead. One was a dragon whose scales appeared to be made out of crystal, and the other dragon was a blue dragon. There were many blue dragonkin, all of which were dead, scattered throughout the room. The strangest thing of all was that the blue dragon didn’t appear to have died from the crystal dragon, but its head had been completely severed.

Nesterok knew that crystal dragons weren’t particularly evil so he resurrected the crystal dragon. The dragon rose and told them that he was slain by the blue dragon, and the blue dragon’s minions. Nesterok then attempted to convince the crystal dragon to join them in the fight against whatever managed to kill the blue dragon. Seeing the blue dragon’s state the crystal dragon quickly rejected the task, but after some convincing it decided to join the group.

The group then entered the doorway through the room, but there weren’t doors on this doorway. Inside even with their torches, and various light spells they couldn’t illuminate it enough for anyone without low-light vision to see. Before they knew it a small human girl with completely black eyes, wearing a school girl outfit, and a trench coat over that dropped down and slammed against Sam. Sam went hurdling back and slammed into Nesterok knocking both of them prone and beginning combat.

The fight began and Kieana began buffing herself and her Pegasus while the strange girl used a finger of death spell on the resurrected crystal dragon, and killed it in one hit and then the party saw blue matter come from the crystal dragon and it was absorbed by the girl. They knew she just ate his soul. Nesterok managed to cast unwilling shield on the girl before she attacked him, but this only stopped her from completely annihilating him, and she still hit him.

The paladin then charged in with all of her bonuses against evil in place and proceeded to completely obliterate the girl whom Kieana knew was possessed by some sort of Daemon, but Kieana knew the girl was beyond saving. From here the girl then grappled with Archimedes and threatened to devour his soul. This stopped the group for a while for her to back up, and the Nesterok stabbed himself since he had unwilling shield on, and the girl then vampiric touched Archimedes who attempted to slash at her with his claws, but proved mostly ineffective.

The girl then dispersed into around fifty bats, and Kieana managed to smite evil all but four of them killing them instantly and dropping them to the ground. Kieana then added a bat to her inventory for further study. After the initial reaction was over the group then decided to open the door at the opposite end of the room since the deeper darkness spell the girl cast dispersed in the middle of the fight.

Within the group beheld only a few treasures, and many aged and broken jars with dust that might have been organs at one time. They then saw the Shield that was one of the shards of Erandicus’ fang. The group decided to use the scrying orb from this temple to see what was in store for their next journey. The world around them again shifted and morphed into the image, a feeling that became ever so familiar to them with their travels. They then saw that they were at a ledge. They couldn’t see the ground below, only clouds. In the distance they saw an island that was afloat, and then guessed that the ledge they were at was also a floating island.

The samurai Lloyd was walking across a bridge from the other island to where they were. He then spoke of Sky Island, and the entrance to this land being inside of the The C-Alliance capitol of Shaloon. The entrance was apparently a portal, and this area was miles above the surface of Sin. Here they would encounter enemies as normal, but the thing that made this a dangerous temple was the landscape. After explaining this he stated that the next temple would be Sky Island’s Power Plant. Then a dragon whose scales were shifting white, and blue came down from the heavens and approached Lloyd peacefully, before the next part was shown the world shifted back into Set’s Pyramid’s treasure room.

The group decided the best thing to do at this time would be to restore Nesterok’s drained level before it became permanent. Nesterok had traveled throughout many regions of the world and was borne in the Orcish Mountains of Culanica. He knew of a high oracle human lady within the Orcish Mountains. When they teleported to this place the woman agreed to cast restoration to cure him of his afflicted level loss, but it would cost them five-thousand gold coins. Seeing as how they got about that from Set’s Pyramid they decided to give him the gold to restore his level. She took the money and then cast the spell upon him. Good thing he managed to get there before the level became permanent otherwise that would have taken much more money. :P

With that it was the end of tonight’s game!



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