The World of Sin

The Divine Dragon

The divine dragon

The group returned to Shaloon to get their much needed supplies before they would do battle with the divine one. Ross had a bit of a dispute with the gunsmith on why he should be given special privileges with the guns the man had in stock. Ross was then kicked out, and Imata snuck into the store, and stole the most valuable guns the man had. Ross was amazed at how finely crafted his new weapons were, and was excited as ever to see them blow shit up.

Once rested up the group made their way to the country Eena where the fang was claiming the divine one was in. The trip was uneventful, and for the most part the country seemed quiet. After finally arriving at the capitol city in Eena known as Bale the group then went to the palace area. After convincing the guards that she was an emissary for Miandra Kieana made her entrance into the castle.

The group was guided into the throne room by the butler where Ross began harassing the king of Eena, Lloyd. The king seemed strangely young, and was completely aware of what was on Kieana’s back. He did not seem to be too fond of the situation he had been put in.

Before too long the fight broke out. The king started the fight wielding a long sword, but before too long he showed his true nature by transforming into the seven winged grotesque monstrosity that was the Divine Dragon.

The fight destroyed an entire block of the city, and the party were fairly battered. When the final blow was dealt by Kieana that sent the dragon hurtling toward the ground. Fluffy finished the beast after Ross failed to do so.

The sky’s suddenly turned an emerald green as an even larger dragon descended from the sky. This one however was not there to fight. This dragon had luminescent scales that shimmered as it moved. It identified itself as the god of metallic dragons: Buhaumet. Buhaumet then gave words of thanks to the heroes and blessed the world.

Mysteriously Buhaumet hasn’t been seen since what is now known as the Emerald Day. Chromatic dragons still live in the world of Sin, and people continue to suffer. Some speculate that he was there to give courage and hope, others claim that he was just a myth brought on by great magics being used in Sky Island. All of the heroes were world renown as they separated and went on to do their own things.

We will be continuing this world so continue to read, and follow the page. My next game is going to be much more strict on who gets in to excel our enjoyment level since four is about all that is needed, and it can still be an enjoyable level of fun.



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