The World of Sin

The Battle Within The Power Plant

The Return/Conclusion of Crawl

As a side note before I begin this adventure log kindly know that I simply stated that Nesterok was brought in with Archimedes last game. This was to avoid him not being a part of the game for a while.

Kieana stated that she was going to go investigate further into the temple to see if there was some way to get around having to go into the fray of the battle. She got on her Pegasus and flew off of the balcony of the great power generator room. The remainder of the party stated that they were going to continue onward, but they weren’t going to attempt to climb down the balcony to the floor level of this room due to the intense fighting down below.

Upon having Sam investigate all of the doors that lay before them the heroes continued on through the middle door where there was only one metallic looking figure rather than three of the creatures that they had faced in the previous game.

They entered and as soon as they did the metallic guardian warned them that he needed access codes from the arch mage in order for them to continue. Kale swiftly responded by charging in and attempting to cast a spell on the metallic figure. The spell dispersed upon impact of the creature.

From there the rest of the battle was intense. Kale decided that the best possible option for him was to use the invisibility spell to keep the guardian from attacking him while he buffed up. Sam stayed back and began studying the creature. The rest of the party were having difficulties and were annoyed when they found that the guardian had an astonishing reach as it punched the gunslinger through the doorway.

Finally after much effort the group finally managed to fell the behemoth. They continued onward down a hallway that appeared to be the ultimate destination for any who were attempting to get through the guardians. Finally they opened another door to reveal the room they were on the balcony of before.

They were on a much larger platform and it seemed to actually lead to a stair case that led to the bottom of the room where the battle between the demons and the inevitable guardians was still in full swing. The stairway also led to a higher platform area. They decided to go to the higher area and investigate.

Once they were at the top of the higher platform they saw a very long hallway that was around 200ft long. They continued on down this hallway which eventually led to a door. Once they opened the door they beheld a great room. It was around 600ft tall and circular. They believed this section to be the tower section of the power plant that they had seen on their way into the building.

Kieana was there. She was standing with her Pegasus next to her right next to a desk which had an elderly Elven man sitting at it studying a book. The man seemed surprised when the heroes entered and stated that he was the arch mage.

The arch mage gave them the access codes so that they wouldn’t have to fight any more of the guardians, but the threat of the island’s power going out was still in the air. If the group didn’t take care of the demons then they were probably going to take the shard before the power generator was fully fixed and then the island would fall out of the sky.

They then formulated a plan with the arch mage that they were going to close the demonic portal after activating the secondary protocol system to activate the standby guards that would drain a lot of power. As long as the secondary protocol was only online for a few minutes then the island would be fine, but if it were to stay on then it would take up too much power and cause all of the power to be rerouted to them. From there the battle would probably be stopped for a little while, but all of the guardians would be offline for around ten minutes. During that time they would study the portal and attempt to dispel it while there were no demons around. After the demons were dealt with then the party would wait for a few weeks for the arch mage to fix the generator so that they may take the staff without causing the island’s destruction.

The only major problem with the plan is that in order to activate the secondary protocol it needed someone to flip all of the switches around the large power generator room in order for it to be activated. Kieana volunteered since she was the most mobile out of the entire group. Unfortunately she would need to flip the switches a second time in order to turn off the secondary protocol. Once the first switch was flipped then the secondary protocol guardians would no longer be operational, but they would still be siphoning power so Kieana needed to flip all of the switches again.

For a while the party believed that it would probably only take around twenty to thirty seconds to flip all of the switches. This was until they saw where the switches were and realized that it would probably take around five minutes to get them all since they were located throughout various sections in this room.

The switches were activated and the secondary protocol guardians were activated. There were around thirty of them and they all resembled the blue floating stone man with only one half of a body and four arms. They quickly cleared the room of the demons and the group made their way to the portal. Since they had the access codes they were allowed to enter by the secondary protocol guardians.

Once they got there Kale attempted to dispel magic and failed. He then saw some magical text around the portal and read it with the read magic spell. He read the incantation and realized it required him to recite it out loud to make a guardian appear. From there the party would need to slay this guardian and then the portal would close itself.

Kale read the incantation and a large, grotesque abomination appeared. It appeared to be a mixture of a mantis with a tail, and a tiger. The most disturbing about this gargantuan horror was the face on top of the tigers head was that of Crawl.

The battle broke out and Fluffy was slain a second time by this beast. After the second loss of Fluffy and plenty of horrific injuries the group managed to slay it and close the portal. While the creature was slumping down it was moaning and growling. Feeling lucky Ross decided to put the abomination out of its misery. He then put the barrel of his gun in its mouth and fired causing black innards to splatter all over him.

Upon sealing the portal the group then guarded the area until the arch mage fixed the generator. It took two weeks before he was finished and he allowed the group to pick up to 125,000gp worth of magical items out of his own personal vault. When he completed the repairs a door opened on the side of the generator. Within it were the air shard, and a scrying orb.



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