The World of Sin

Sky Island's Evacuating!? Problems at The Power Plant

A Pegasus slays a CR15 in one hit!? Read how! :P

After having Nesterok healed by the oracle the three members of the party: Sam, Kieana, and Kale decided to make haste to Shaloon so that they may make it to Sky Island to get the next shard. Unfortunately the druid Archimedes stated that he had wanted to stay behind to rest for a while, and Nesterok seemed to want to do the same since he got the worst of the battle at Set’s Pyramid.

The three made way to the South since the Orcish Mountains were on the northern border of Shaloon. Along their way down from the mountains they were ambushed by Orcs a total of three times, but slaughtered the un-expecting Orc raiders. They finally had made it down the mountains and were in various fields, and temperate forests for the remainder of their journey to Shaloon.

As they continued on Kale made a discovery as he looked behind the party; the strange figure that has been trailing the party since The Elven Forest was currently following them. Weary of the threat they believed him to possess they had set up a scheduled watch.

Before this watch though Kale had permanency spelled dark vision to Sam’s eyes at Sam’s expense of course. Sam was thankful that she had finally found someone who was able to do this for her since Akshir did have a mage who was able to do this, but he was out on travels at the time of their arrival to that town. They decided that the watch would first be Kieana, followed by Kale, and the end of the night would see Sam watching over the sleeping party.

During Sam’s watch she heard a voice communicating to her in her head. It stated, “Kill the Paladin while she sleeps.” At that point Sam deemed the act as something that would obviously be harmful and started to yell out stating that she would not harm the paladin. The noise of Sam’s angry screams woke up Kale and Kieana at which point Kieana detected a gargantuan amount of evil in the air.

Kieana made her way to the epicenter of the evil and struck out at it. While she did just wake up from a sound sleep she had cast a spell called instant armor so that she wouldn’t be at as much of a disadvantage. Kale cast a few buffs to help in their fight, and Sam took out the Vorpal Scythe that she had taken from Agony.

The battle commenced and the mass of evil summoned a succubus, and before too long dispelled its greater invisibility spell. At this point a large serpent creature appeared before the party. It had black scales with orang underbelly scales. It had three necks, three tails, one body, and one head, but on its head were six glowing orange eyes, and six massive fangs jutted from the top of its gaping maw. Glowing orange ruins coated its black scales, and from them emanated a dark evil.

Kieana and Kale were not fazed, and Sam was focused on the Succubus that Kale had left her with. The battle continued and Kieana ignored the beast’s horrid poison as it bit down on her. It didn’t take long though, and the beast was slain; mainly due to the fact that it was chaotic evil and Kieana’s paladin abilities rip through chaotic evil outsiders.

Meanwhile Sam had just lashed out at the succubus. Amazingly Sam’s strike with the scythe seemed extremely efficient since it severed the demon’s head from its neck. Sam seemed absolutely amazed that she managed to kill the creature in only one blow.

When the fighting stopped the trio went about several different tasks. Kale began to skin the beast, and Kieana was ripping fangs from its mouth. Sam however didn’t care and went the fuck to sleep. In the mourning they set off again toward Shaloon. Three days after they began their journey at the oracles shrine and they found themselves in Shaloon.

Shaloon was a grand city that they could see for miles before they arrived. It had various sky scrapers within its city limits, and the outskirts of town were filled with cherry blossom trees, but it was currently summer so they had already blossomed. Roadways became bridges since Shaloon was built on an exceedingly small island and the majority of the town was afloat on humanoid made structures.

Before they arrived inside of the towns they were met by a strange man wearing a bandito hat, and a black cloak. It turned out that the man was a gunslinger by the name of Ross. Ross was a man from the Southern Great Desert. He had in his hand a pistol, which only Kale had seen one of these contraptions before so the other two were a little confused as to what the toy in the man’s hand was. Ross was twirling the gun around and leaning on the railing of the bridge.

Sam continued into the town since she needed to get to a bank, and sell a lot of the items she had obtained from the last two temples. Kale and Kieana stayed behind to speak with Ross since he greeted them by hitting on Kieana. The talk that followed was fairly hilarious.

Ross: “Well hello there my lady.”
Kieana: “…”
Ross: “Interesting armor, and mount. What do you do?”
Kieana: “I adventure around the world, and fight evil.”
Ross: “So you adventure around the world?”
Kieana: “Yes”
Ross: “So what exactly do you seek in your adventures?”
Kieana: “Yes”
Ross: “… Do you come across treasure during your adventures?”
Kieana: “Yes”
Ross: “… Would it be okay for me to join you in a few of these adventures?”
Kieana: “We have a high mortality rate, and I’m not really the party leader so it’s not my decision.”
Ross: “How many have died on your journeys?”
Kieana: looks at Kale and states, “Didn’t you have a twin?”
Kale: laughs
Ross: “Well who is the party leader?”
Kieana: “Sam”
Ross: “Are you Sam?”
Kale: “No, she’s the one that continued into the city.”
Ross: “Where was she going?”
Kieana: “I’m not really sure myself.”
Ross: “So is it okay for me to follow you around until we meet this Sam again?”
Kieana: “You can follow him around; my matters are private.”
Kale: “Lame…”
Ross: “I shall do that than!”

Kieana then went to seek advice on the matter of the fangs she had taken from the evil beast that was stalking them before, and the unwilling Kale traveled with Ross to the tavern to waste a few hours. Ross continued questioning Kale who slowly grew more and more impatient. The city was a truly beautiful one. The bar that Kale and Ross traveled to was well lit with magic made neon lights, and the church of Serenrae that Kieana went to was the largest she had ever seen.

Once Kieana arrived at the church she was greeted by a priest. She told him that she was looking for advice on a few things and showed him the grotesque bats that she had killed after Agony attempted to escape, and also showed him one of the fangs that were about as large as a medium sized long sword. The man then took her to an area with a wooden bench and told her to wait here while he talked with the head priest of the temple. She then was told she could enter the man’s office, and she went in.

The office was fairly plane for that time period and a bald man greeted her. He wore white robes with a golden sun on them. He then asked why she needed his advice. She gave him the fang and he identified it as a Xacarba fang. A Xacarba was a beast from the Abyss that’s known for hunting powerful magical items, and eating the magic that is within them.

Then Kieana showed the man one of the bats and he wasn’t able to identify the bat. He told her that the bat could be identified by a man that he didn’t like, and apparently this man had a friend that was just as belligerent. He jotted down the address of the mysterious man and wrote down the name “Samuel L Connery” next to the address.

From there Kieana made her way to the address. She found the building and it was a thirty story tall building. The address was located on the very top of the building. She saw that there was a construct made out of iron that was manning a room whose level was changed through a pulley system.

She watched several people walk by and tell the iron construct various numbers and got into the room. The construct would then raise the room up to the level whose number matched the number they had stated. She heard a voice over a magically constructed intercom state a number and without anyone getting in the room the construct raised it. From there when the construct lowered the room again there was a person in the room who then left the building.

After watching this she decided to walk over to the construct and stated “30” and got in the room. Sure enough the construct raised the room to the top floor. The top floor did not have an interior close to her. The elevator she came in on had a tower that went up one story further than the building. She walked onto the roof right before the room dropped.

The roof had a single small building on top of it in the very center of the roof. She walked over and knocked on the door of this circular structure. A dark skinned human answered the door. He had a scar on one eye, and wore black robs. The man was completely bald, and spoke in a very sophisticated accent. Kieana introduced herself and stated that she had something she needed him to identify.

The man let her in and the interior was filled with very expensive furnishings. There was another man within this place he was sitting on a chair in the corner of the room playing with what looked to be a red orb; making it hover above his lap. This man had black hair, black reptilian eyes, a black trench coat, brown workers pants, and a white button up shirt underneath the coat. In a way he looked familiar to the men Kieana had fought in The Spire of Gozreh.

She was brought to the kitchen area and Samual then asked her if she wanted wine as he grabbed two crystal glasses. Kieana refused and Samual still pored two glasses of wine, and started drinking both of them. Kieana finally laid down the bat on the counter.

Samual asked if there were any more bats as he studied the one he was looking at. Kieana dropped all of the bats that she had on the counter. Samual asked her to wait and went into a different room. He returned with a wand that appeared to be made out of silver with gold decorations on it. He cast a spell and waved the wand at the bats at which point they started to mutate. They formed into one body and continued to grow larger.

Kieana drew her warhammer and prepared for a fight; her companion Pegasus was left at the church. The figure grew into the form Agony had taken when they previously fought, but the body was covered in black scripture, and was unconscious. The man in the corner seemed to break his attention from the orb when the body took shape into the human girl. At this time the paladin threw robes over the girl, and the man in the corner let out a sigh and went back to his orb.

Samuel started to read some of the scriptures that marked the girl’s body. He then told Kieana that the writing was basically the spell that bound a daemon’s soul to the girl’s body. Kieana asked if the girl was going to be alright since Samuel stated she was alive, and Samuel said she will live a full life, but would be in a coma until the remaining bats were slain. She had no need of food, no need of water, and no need of air since this body was bound to the daemon who escaped.

Kieana took the body and thanked Samuel for his help as she left his home. She took the body to the church of Sarenrae and explained the entire story. The church then took the body and agreed to watch over it until Kieana killed the remainder of the bats and the girl woke up from her coma. Kieana decided to go find Kale and Sam so that they could continue their assembly of the shards.

Sam then finished selling the gear she needed to sell and decided to find Kieana and decided that Kieana was probably at the church of Serenrae and decided to look there. Sam managed to catch Kieana right as she was leaving the church to look for Kale. Kale at that time had given into Ross’ constant pleads for them to go find Sam and they left the bar to go look for Sam.

Kieana and Sam then went to the bar to find that Kale, and Ross were not there. They then went searching and after a few hours of looking they all finally managed to find one another. At that point they had a long discussion about who was the group leader and this discussion led nowhere. After a group decision they decided that it was fine for Ross to join them at his own risk.

Ross knew where the portal to the Sky Island was located and then after being let into the party agreed to take them there. They arrived in a place that had a square shaped drop down about one-hundred feet, and they saw a magnificent thirty foot high portal that had a steady stream of people all walking out of it while no one was entering. They made their way down, but couldn’t get into the portal by foot.

Kieana decided to pull a citizen aside and ask what was going on and he claimed the island was being evacuated. This was due to the island’s power plant going haywire and the island possibly dropping out of the sky. It turned out that the power plant was the area Lloyd had stated the party would find the next shard of Erandicus’ fang. They then knew that there were already invaders at the power plant and that it would probably be a very dangerous journey from here on.

Kale then cast phantom steed several times to allow the party to ride above the crowd. The group made haste through the portal and noted that the Island’s size was much larger than the name made it sound. It was about forty miles across overall, and Kieana asked a citizen where the island the power plant was located. The party had to lie and claim they were the repair wizards that would fix the plant. The citizen then believed it and stated the island was in orbit around the main Sky Island and that it would be arriving at the Eastern coast of the island in approximately three hours.

The group began east. They noted the unique plant life on this island since it has been separated from normal herbs for around 1,500 years now it has truly gotten its own unique life. After about an hour of travel making the steeds go at a full sprint the party had finally arrived at the edge of the island. They waited for two hours and sure enough the orbiting island came into sight.

They still had their steeds and simply flew to the island that was about 300ft from the ledge of the island. On the island they saw a structure that was made of white stone, and had a large tower on one end of the colossal, three-sectioned structure. As they flew toward the structure they noticed that there was only one door on the entire structure.

As they flew to the island they noticed a shape flying high above. When they got to the island Ross took out a spy glass and saw a great beast that resembled a dragon, but had scales that shifted colors between pearly white, and light blue. Kale asked what it was and Ross replied with “It’s just a bird.” Kale grabbed the spy glass and saw it as well. Kale seemed not to care that Ross lied though; probably due to him not trusting anyone anyway.

The group made their way into the entrance of the power plant and the stench of death filled their nostrils. The first room had floors that looked to be made out of marble, and its walls were scaled with shifting white and light blue colors. It was also filled with what seemed to be vulture people that had been slaughtered. The vulture-men’s ears seemed to have all erupted with blood and they absolutely littered what would have otherwise been a beautiful room.

Off to the left hand side there was a doorway that was quite small. It appeared to be made out of the same material the walls were made out of, and it was about 3ft by 6’10ft. Kieana dismissed her Pegasus mount and the group opened the door.

Beyond the door was a winding hallway made out of the same material. After the hallway was a room that appeared to have no floor to everyone but Kale who stated that the area had a floor, but it was only a select path where the floor actually had shown. Kale led the party across the room and opened the door to the next area, and was struck by lightning as the trap activated without anyone checking the door.

After the trap the party was greeted by a room that appeared to have a grey stone floor, and white stone walls. Within the room were two large stone figures that appeared to be Trojan type warriors. The two figures stated that they were Inevitable, and Ross shot at one of them, but his bullet bounced off of the figures skin.

Kieana then tried to be diplomatic, but they simply responded that this area is off limits, and proper authorization codes from the arch-mage were required to be allowed entry. Seeing no other alternative the party fought. Unlike most of their previous foes these stone figures weren’t evil so Kieana’s fighting power was severely reduced against these beings.

Then Kale summoned a hungering pit to which one of the stone behemoths fell in. After it was in the pit however it didn’t seem to take much damage from the pits constant attempt to crush it. The battle dragged on and one of them attempted to throw Kale into the pit he summoned. Sam found that her sword of Subtlety worked very well at harming these things, while Ross had difficulty making bullets past their thick stone skin. Kieana was having difficulty with hurting these things too on the account of how durable they were.

Kieana was downed at one point during the fight, but her Pegasus healed her so she was able to get back up and she began to channel energy to heal. Kale started using draconic breath weapons on his sword at which he started doing massive bouts of damage and annihilated the one that was in the pit since it escaped through casting a dimension door. The one that didn’t fall in the pit continued to use chain lightning several times which seemed to wreak havoc on the members who wore metal armor.

Finally Kale managed to destroy his when the other one punched Sam two times and managed to make her blind and deaf. Sam continued however to swing around her Vorpal Scythe, and the Pegasus mount disarmed Sam and then used the scythe against the large stone man.

Amazingly even though it wasn’t proficient with martial weapons, the Pegasus managed to get a successful roll against the being with the scythe and continued to cut its head off with the Vorpal Scythe showing the party that it’s easy enough for anything to use.

A little dazed as to what just happened the group continued to have to disarm Sam again since she was swinging wildly with her rapier this time. After that Kieana used spells to help Sam get successful saving throws against her blindness and deafness. They then continued to explain to Sam exactly what the Pegasus did with the scythe at which point everyone all found it equally amusing.

At that time Archimedes who had promised to catch up with the group later had finally made it into the temple. He managed to fly across the Islands by gaining the help of a cloud dragon that claimed to be the first guardian of this place and it needed as much help as it could get in defending Sky Island. Archimedes unfortunately did not get to the room in time to see what the Pegasus did, but found the story of what it did to be quite humorous.

Once they were reunited with Archimedes Sam returned the Bow of Life to him, and checked for traps on the doorway out of the room. She found that there was a trap that was connected to the doorway which was some sort of tesla coil. She deactivated the trap and then the party continued into the hallway.

The hallway resembled the first room in the sense that it had a marble floor and the sky scale walls. It also had the dead vulture men scattered and slain littering the floors. The group continued as it turned left then right. Then the path continued for about two-hundred feet and ended at a doorway. Also there were three additional doors all on the left side. Each door was as large as the small doors that they had been walking through.

Sam checked for traps and only found one and it was on the doorway at the end of the hallway. She disabled it with ease since her skills have far exceeded that of when she first started going into these temples. She deactivated a trap that seemed to be a tesla coil type of trap like the one she deactivated at the beginning of the hallway and the party continued through this door as well.

The view on the other side was breath taking. The heroes came out of the hallway to find themselves on a large balcony that overlooked a massive room with four colossal objects in the room with various writing all around them. Below there was an epic battle being fought. They saw the vulture people, as well as what looked to be pig like people with small wings on their backs fighting the Trojan stone warriors.

At the other end of the room they saw one stone being who was made out of a blue stone with only an upper half for his body. He had four arms and wings. This being in particular was slaughtering all of the ugly beasts that weren’t made of stone. Seeing him slay them with such ease made the paladin not want to go into the room since she was seeing how even the Trojan warriors were having some difficulties with these beasts.

They backed out and opted to go a different route. They then took a brief glimpse through each door. The first door on the left had three Trojan stone warriors beyond it. The door in the middle seemed to have a metallic warrior on the opposite side. Finally the last door was the smallest and it was simply covered in mist. The group decided to take the middle door…

See what happens next time on DnD Ball Z at Sky Island’s Power Plant!!


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