The World of Sin

Horrors in The Depths of Shadow

After being teleported into Shaloon the group was lead by Kieana to find a way to track down the remaining pieces of the Oni, Agony. Unfortunately with out Kale the group seemed to be missing some strength. Deciding on it being a good idea Kieana decided to search for help. She found a local adventurer’s guild, Augustus’ Legion, and decided to look there.

Inside they found a woman who was wearing full magical armor. They convinced this strange new gunslinger to join their group, and with their new addition they decided to make way for the mage’s academy. After spending quite a lot of gold coin at the mage’s academy in Shaloon they finally made a portal to where Agony was.

On the other side of the portal there was a vile swamp. The air was thick, and the vary ground the group landed on was tainted. The party quickly found out that this was not the material plane, and one place came to mind after a brief inspection of the surrounding area, Abandon. The liquid of this swamp was a type of acid, and it seemed that there was not a place on this realm that wasn’t covered in it.

After a very brief search Agony attempted to ambush the party. A fierce fight incurred, and afterword Kieana scooped up what was left of Agony after Archimedes’ pet, Fluffy, got a hold of her. The group recalled back to the material plane, and went to put the pieces of the child that Agony had possessed back together.

Kieana was being very cautious about it, and made sure to have the liquid remainder of Agony blessed before pouring it down the child’s throat. Once they completed the girl the black markings completely faded from her body. Kieana determined that the child would be fine when she came to, but the party did not have time to wait for that. Kieana left the girl money and a note. With that the party left for the next temple.

The group decided that it would be much faster to get a portal to the next temple rather than walking there. So they went back to the mage’s academy to get another portal made. They wanted to be teleported on the island that they had seen in the orb’s memory. Unfortunately there was some sort of barrier there, and they wound up on the shores of the lake instead of on the island of the lake.

Sam remembered that there was a ferryman who would pick them up on the dock. The ferryman asked for fifty platinum coins for his service. The group obliged, but Kieana was rather wary of this man for he was emanating evil. The boat ride was silent. Finally the group arrived on the island.

From here they traveled through trapped doors, haunted tombs, and dark sculpture encrusted walls before making it to the bottom throne room. Here they saw a man who was sitting in the throne behind a barrier of some sort. The man was wearing a black suite that had very thin white stripes. He wore dress shoes, and his undershirt was a very bright red. The man had platinum hair, red eyes, and his teeth appeared to be that of a shark. In front of the barrier was a lich, who seemed to be talking with the man.

The conversation that followed revealed that Sam’s real name is Imata, and that her mother is being held captive by this man. He is also the leader of Imata’s secret society. From here the man stated that he wanted to be entertained, and ordered the lich to attack the party. Two assassin’s came from the shadows to assist the lich.

The fight didn’t last too long before the group bested their foes. The party was attempting to capture the assassin’s alive, but did not take it too harshly if they accidentally struck too hard. Finally when the fighting was over the man seemed to be amused. He then deemed that this was the perfect epic story. There was the great hero who was Kieana, the damsel who was Imata’s mother, and the demon god which was him.

The room then shifted into what seemed to be living flesh, and the man shifted into a strange black dragon. It seemed to be a black dragon, but had glowing red eyes, and it’s scales seemed to emanate shadow. It’s breath wasn’t acid, instead it was a black mass of energy that withered and rotted that which it touched.

After a fierce battle the party came out victorious, and the shadow dragon started to wither itself. The doorways to the room seemed to be blocked by what appeared to be very pointy teeth, and after taking a while to shatter them the group then found the vault that was filled with treasure. The group also found the next shard of Erandicus’ fang, and another orb. They decided to leave from the doorway that they believed to be correct, and as they were passing through the flesh room again they saw the man sitting on the throne that was currently also made out of what appeared to be living flesh.

The conversation revealed that the man was actually the second of the four horsemen, Famine. He wanted to watch his brother’s plan unfold, and was annoyed with how easily his brother was accomplishing his goals. Famine was most pleased though at the group who kept quelling his brother’s plans. Finally the man said that he had no need for another fight with the party, and opened the teeth that were blocking the exit for the party.

The heroes left the temple, then they looked at the orb. The next orb depicted an area of grassy fields with a tower that was towering above the hilly landscape. There was a group of soldiers who seemed to be patrolling around the tower. Finally they saw the hero Lloyd who seemed much younger than usual, and he talked about how this was the beginning of his journey and he felt weird about it since it would be the end of the listener’s journey. He then described that this tower was on the border of Eena, and St. Henry’s Run.

The long walk back to Shaloon took a month’s journey, and on the way Imata sent her mother to sea toward Millu Island to be with her brother. With that we concluded our session.



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