The World of Sin

Beneath The Depths; The Spire of Gozreh

The group adventured onward in Heywood’s new ship. Heywood finally realized the error in buying a boat since he became increasingly sea sick as the journey went on. Turns out he wasn’t made for sea travel.

The paladin Kieana was inside of her room of the ship in a deep trance hearing her god’s desires. The Monk guide of the party was also stricken by sea sickness, and the remainder of the party was on deck.

The ship had been sailing for about two weeks at this point. Suddenly the ship suddenly hit something; in the middle of the ocean. Surprised the travelers decided to look down to see what they could have possibly hit in the middle of the ocean. They simply saw a shadow outline of a serpent.

Suddenly the boat was struck again, and this seemed to irritate Alexander; who was all but posing as captain this point since Vanessa had shown that she was the one with true expertise in sailing. Alexander decided that he was going to go down to bring the large creature above water. He then grabbed one of the ropes lying around the ship, and tied it to the mast. He then used it to scale down the ship and use the shocking grasp spell on the water below him.

Abruptly a gargantuan snake that had blue scales, and various other unique traits for this species of snake rose up out of the water. Bemosiph identified it as a sea serpent and determined that it wasn’t immune or had a resistance against lightning, which definitely helped the party since Alexander already zapped it once.

The fight broke out while most of the crew cowered in fear on the opposite side of the boat; all crew members save for Alexander that is. From there the party had a decent fight with the sea serpent, but right before the brought it down it swallowed Bemosiph whole.

They then brought down the large beast which began to sink below the ocean; with Bemosiph in it. From there Bemosiph attempted to escape, but he failed time after time again on cutting through the beast’s belly while water rushed in from its mouth. After a few minutes of Bemosiph not coming up Alexander decided to attempt to rescue him and succeeded to swim down and cut through the serpent’s belly. He then grabbed the now unconscious Bemosiph and brought him to the boat.

The group then looked in horror as the only one who knew how to heal was down below cabin. Bemosiph seemed to be dying fast unfortunately and before they got Kieana above deck Bemosiph had died. Though the loss was unfortunate Sam decided to look below deck for any holes in the ship. She came back above deck screaming that there was damage below deck and that the ship was taking on water.

The crew, led by Vanessa of course, rushed below deck and made make shift patches in the ship. Alexander was no help other than the random bystander that witnessed them patching up the ship. The crew came through and managed to stop most of the water from coming into the ship, but they did need to constantly alternate who was on “water duty” since they had to have two people at all times carrying buckets of water and throwing them out of the ship. While the patches were shotty at best they held long enough for the ship to make its day and a half journey that was left.

The boat had finally arrived at Millu Island. They arrived at the capitol city of Millu Island which was called Mytrin’s Domain. Sam had found out a little about the island before the group had set sail. Mainly that it was a horrible place that was led by a tyrant ruler named Mytrin. Every person that lived on the island was Mytrin’s slave, and visitors only got one week to trade and then leave. From what Sam heard.

The town was a cove town. It had two large rocky formations on either side of the water entrance of the town; which was the only entrance. In the middle of the two rock formations in the ocean there was a large gate that was manned by guards with strange contraptions that were made out of metal tubes and had metal balls stacked up near them. The city wasn’t very even in elevation, and had many beautiful views of pretty much the entire city from the gate area.

As the ship got closer the party noticed that several of the buildings in the town had been burned. Off in the distance the party beheld the large building that was based on the side of the mountain. It was the only building that had walls surrounding it, and looked like a castle made out of stone.

As they arrived they were greeted by a boat that was attempting to dock them, but after Vanessa pointed out the crew that were carrying buckets of water from below deck and dumping them into the ocean the border patrol understood, and let them dock before getting their green cards.

Once inside of Dock 7 the crew was again greeted by the border patrol who had a lengthy discussion with Vanessa about why the crew was there, and after mentioning trade and showing some cargo, which wasn’t in a part of the ship that got flooded, they then agreed to give everyone on board a one week pass.

Every member of the party as well as every crew member was given a one week pass. With their pass in hand some of the group that wasn’t either sick, or concerned about this island decided to explore the city. Kale, and Sam found the magical goods store and bought a few things.

After that Sam decided to go to the tavern and have a few glasses of water to see what the town folk were like. As she walked through the town she noticed several people with brands clearly shown on their necks, and was stopped a few times by random guards who asked for her pass; to which she showed them.

When Sam got to “The World’s Edge Tavern” she heard the strum of a lute, and saw a unique man at the end of the bar with a strange looking creature. She paid him no heed, and entered. She got her drink and had him approach her; the man was Archimedes, a druid who had a prehistoric beast as his pet. Archimedes’ pet wasn’t actually called a prehistoric beast here; it was actually a monster from one of The Southern Isles.

As the man approached her he commented of how he believed her to be attractive to which she threatened him with a horrific death. At this point the man was talking about how he was looking for adventure and she told him that she was about to go into The Spire of Gozreh with her group to obtain “something important” to which Archimedes wanted in on the action.
Sam suggested that she was not the party leader, and stated that Kieana the paladin was the group leader, and then told Archimedes how Kieana was inside of dock 7 watching over the boat. Archimedes stated that he would go talk to Kieana when he got a little bit more buzzed, and then went back to drinking.

Suddenly the doors swung open to reveal a man wearing a dark, tattered, black cloak enter the tavern. The man had his cloak over his face to hide his features and asked for salt water. Suddenly the bard got up and ordered a mug of ale, and then sat next to Sam.

The man was a human who had medium length blonde hair, glasses, blue eyes, and wore a wealthy commoner’s attire that was common of bards. He had a rapier at his side and talked fluently. Sam didn’t recognize him at first, but after a few minutes of studying him deducted that he was someone important from her past and then asked if they could speak in private.

They then found an empty alley way to chat in, and had a lengthy conversation with the man who called himself Jeffrey. She had found out that the entrance to The Spire of Gozreh was at the bottom of the ocean, and that they would need a special means of transportation to get there. He then suggested that she ask Mytrin; the lord of this island.

The two then went in the tavern so that Jeffrey could tell the tavern keeper that something had come up and that he needed to leave. The strange cloaked figure got up and followed them when they walked out of the tavern. Jeffrey whispered that Sam should start running, and they both took off. Sam turned to look and saw the strange man was chasing them. They had finally arrived at dock 7 and noticed that the man was no longer chasing them.

Meanwhile Kale had finished learning the spell he had bought, and was going back to the ship. As Kale was walking toward dock 7 he had seen the strange figure that everyone claimed to have been invisible back at the port city of Ashwood. The man was watching Kale, but didn’t move to attack.

The conversation with Kieana was a little awkward. Especially considering that Archimedes and his strange pet walked in during the middle of the explanations. After explaining the whole thing with Jeffrey a little concerned about the abrupt lack of a chain of command the group then made their way to Mytrin’s palace.

The palace was on the side of the mountains that surrounded the town. There was a path in the mountains that led up to this hill, and when the party got to the walls of the palace they saw the large iron gates. The gates weren’t just solid iron, but they had been made out of iron bars.

Jeffrey did all the negotiating and got them inside the palace, and led them to Mytrin’s area. The inside of the palace had red carpets over marble floors, and various paintings that decorated the walls. Sometimes there was a nice gold thread couch in the hallways they were in, but they all noticed that both the doors to the palace and the hallways were huge.

They had finally come to a room that had blue painted walls, and had various pillows throughout the room like an opium den. The room was filled with smoke, and as the group adjusted their eyesight to see through the smoke, they then gazed at a dragon with light blue scales that appeared to be smoking a hookah with the mint flavor tobacco. Jeffrey then announced that this was Lord Mytrin.

After a discussion about The Spire of Gozreh Mytrin decided that it would be best for the group to go in and clear out the “Infestation” since it would save him time, but they needed to take with them one of Mytrin’s closest friends so that he could make sure that the group wasn’t going to vandalize anything, or loiter in his Spire. He introduced this friend as Nesterak.

Nesterak had gained Mytrin’s favor since some of the buildings that the group saw were burnt when they came into the city turned out to be the work of Hellspawn, or various types of Demons, Devils, and Daemons. During that time Nesterak had been healing civilians, and guards which saved valuable manpower.

They were to meet their ride to the tower in dock 5. When they were going to get to the Spire then their ride to the bottom was going to be there. As Mytrin had promised there was a ride waiting for them in dock 5. It was a shabby rowboat that only had one human to help man the boat, but he wasn’t going to row. Seeing as how no one wanted to row Kieana tied a rope to her Pegasus and had the rowboat Pegasus drawn rather than rowed.

When they arrived at the Spire they waited about twenty minutes before a merfolk woman emerged from the water. She and the human who had traveled with the party exchanged some rude conversation in Aquian, and before long he told the group that they needed to get into the water in order to procure their ride to the bottom. Kieana was untrustworthy as was most of the group.

Sam however was not so untrusting. She had gotten on the water. She realized that she couldn’t go below the water due to her ring of water walking so she took it off, and dropped in. When she dropped in Jeffrey also jumped into the water. Kieana asked what would happen if she didn’t go in, and the human replied stating that her friends would probably die without all the help they could get since the things that managed to raid the town so well were inside. Kieana had all the convincing she needed with that and jumped in.

Under the water was a large bubble that everyone fell into with ease. The merfolk woman didn’t seem to fall into the bubble. She started to push it down, and was quickly accompanied by four other merfolk. They then pushed the bubble to the bottom of the ocean, and to a doorway that was made out of concrete.

Beside the doorway were two black squares on either side of it. The merfolk put their hands on the squares and the doorway opened up. The merfolk quickly swam away to avoid getting sucked into the Spire with the bubble. The inside of the Spire didn’t have water in it so the pressure sucked up the bubble. Inside it was a room that was around 40 by 40, and had no features other than a few vents on either side of the room.

After thirty seconds of being in the room the door had shut. From there another thirty seconds of waiting and being concerned before the water in the room started to get vacuumed out. Only the bubble remained in the now dry room. Within a second of being out of water though the bubble popped.

There were two doors and everyone had decided that they were going to go through the right door. Unfortunately Nesterak was curious so he opened up the left door to reveal three toad like creatures in that room that were around ten feet tall. The creatures all seemed to be munching on merfolk remains, and the stench of death hit the travelers.

A battle broke out and the heroes had slain all three of the creatures. Upon slaying the toad creatures the adventurers noticed how fast the toad things rotted and decayed as they started to bloat and turn black within a minute of death.

The room they had entered to join the battle was about 80ft by 30ft. On the right side from where they were they saw a large staircase that led up. They decided to carry on and found themselves going through various locations that were filled with corpses of merfolk and several other humanoid creatures that were aquatic. All of the slain humanoid creatures had the brands of Mytrin on the back of their necks.

As the group moved up the stairs they came across various rooms, but none had too many interesting features aside from what looked to be like comfort and leisure areas. The most unique was the spiral staircase on the outside area of the spire that went up about four stories. It was quite large and open so that the party could see the entire interior area of the Spire on the levels that they traveled up using the staircase. It had humanoids hanging from chains the appeared to be hung from the top of the spiral staircase area, and the blood on the floors appeared to be flowing down these stairs at one point in time, but now it had all coagulated.

The group continued on to come across a room that seemed like it was full of eye markings. The markings were not the same from the devils that had taken Crawl though. Sam and Jeffrey continued forward to look for traps. Jeffrey wasn’t as lucky as Sam unfortunately and set off three traps and go sprayed with acid with each one.

After deducting that the traps reset after thirty seconds Kale decided to have everyone follow him, and he set off all the traps taking a heavy amount of acid damage, but shrugging it off due to the temporary hit points he gains with the vampiric touch spell.

The group made it through the room of eyes to open up the door to see the next room was filled with nine guerrilla looking creatures that were hooved, and had many horns that crowned their heads. The creatures began to use a fire breath all at once, but Kale was the only one who was in their line of fire, and Kale took the heat and came out practically unscathed.

The battle continued in the butcher room, aptly named later in Jeffrey’s journal since it was filled with the most corpses of all the rooms, and the blood from the corpses filled the room up six inches. The room was about 100ft by 60ft; with a large stair case at the opposite end. After a lengthy battle and many grievous attacks the party came out victorious.

The group made their way up the stair case at the opposite end of the room, and combat had finished just as the room of eyes had been reset, but everyone had long since evacuated. As they made their way up the staircase they came to the platform to which this stair section stopped, and another one to the left of them facing the other way kept going up.

They made it to the top of that staircase to see the spiral staircase section down below as the room they made it to had a balcony that overlooked the area. When they looked up they saw quite a long ways up to go, but it seemed the next room was one of the last that they would have to enter for a while as it went up about 200ft.

They entered the next room to see the room of stars. The room of stars was painted blue with yellow stars all the way up the cylinder shaped room that went up around 20ft. The middle section of the room had a lever on an obelisk much like the ones they had seen holding the
shards before. Unfortunately the lever was not a shard, and there was no scrying orb here.

While the group was contemplating what to do Sam abruptly pulled the lever which locked the room with metal bars, and it also caused a light amount of water to start trickling down the walls, but it probably would have taken an entire day to fill up the floor with a centimeter of water. As well the ceiling of the room opened up to reveal an extra 150ft of space before the next ceiling, and at the top there was a door on the side of the room at ceiling level. The lever also opened up another lever.

Sam then pulled the next lever since there didn’t seem to be anyway to get out. As she did the party noticed the water that lightly trickled down the walls before now turned into large waterfalls and started to fill up the room full of water.

Kale decided to spider climb up the walls even with the water flooding in, and Nesterak casted dimensional door to the top of the room where the door was. Kieana and Sam got on Kieana’s Pegasus and flew to the top. Sam jumped on the ledge where the door was at the top which only was about a six inch ledge. Sam wasn’t attempting to move so she didn’t have to worry about acrobatics.

Sam then opened the door since everyone else would be getting up soon. A chill ran up her spine as she heard chattering in abyssal, which she understood, that said: “More flesh to consume, and it came without me having to hunt it.” Sam turned around to see a large insectoid creature that walked on four legs, and had five claws. It had many eyes and a round mouth with row after row of pointy teeth.

Deciding that she would not be able to survive against something so menacing Sam decided to appear as if she had feinted. She managed to succeed, but that didn’t stop the insectoid creature who still decided to rend her body, but Kieana cast paladin sacrifice on Sam using two hero points since she didn’t notice until after it happened, and she decided to take all of Sam’s damage.

From there it took the members various amounts of time to get to the fight, and it was very fierce. The monster managed to succeed in summoning another one of its kind to help in the fight. After a while the second creature noticed how paladin sacrifice would hurt the paladin who was a very tough combatant, and kept attacking Sam causing immense damage to Kieana.

After the battle the group who still hadn’t gone through the dimensional door had jumped through right as the area became too flooded to stay in line of sight through the doorway. The group then noticed just how full of water the room they fought in had become, and shut the door when everyone had safely entered. Kieana channeled energy and healed everyone in the party for anything they needed to be healed for before they continued on.

The room they were in, while flooded, had various furnishings in it, and had a balcony to the left hand side in-between the area where the room of stars ended and the ramp way at the opposite side of the room. It had a hookah much like the one that Mytrin was smoking in his den.

They noticed that the room had a ramp on the opposite end from the door Sam and Jeffrey checked for traps and Jeffrey was abruptly hit with a trap that had a large axe come out and cleave him giving him significant damage. From there Sam told him to just let her do the trap detecting since he seemed to be failing more than anyone else in the group throughout the entire temple.

The corpses were of devils mostly, as well as several of the insectoid creatures and many humanoids with and without the brand of Mytrin. Those without the brand were not an Aquarian type of humanoid, but instead had black hair and some had black scales on various parts of their bodies. The mysterious humanoids all had mostly black clothes on.

Then the group turned to look to the left to see Crawl. Crawl was hung up about ten feet high on the wall above a doorway made out of a blue metal with various stars engraved on it. Crawl had his stomach sliced open and all of his entrails had poured out, and some intestines hung from him. Crawl also appeared to have his tattoos removed through being skinned off of him, and his throat was slashed.

Kieana took him down from the wall and attempted to piece his body back together to make him look as decent as she could. They then began talking about whether or not they should resurrect him, and they all concluded that after this much suffering no one would be able to live a normal life. They allowed him to have his eternal rest, but they wanted to know more information on what happened.

Kale decided to do a blood biography to figure out what happened. From there various things of Crawl’s past that were unimportant were brought up and after a while Kale finally saw what he had cast the spell to see.

The devils took Crawl to The Pit after Crawl had been teleported, and then they skinned his tattoo off upon realizing that he used to worship Hextor who was apparently competing with their god, Satan, for land in The Pit. From there they talked about how their allies from Nerul’s army had found one of the artifacts. Nerul’s army apparently gave them a magical orb with a picture within it that enable them to teleport directly to the door that they appeared to have been massacred outside of. Then it shows them taking Crawl there and preforming rituals on Crawl to turn him into a devil, and just as they had finished Crawl had witnessed his final moments being a dimensional door opening up and the men in black coming out and battling the devils. From there Kale saw fire as the biography ended.

Upon completion of the spell Kale then told the group of what all happened to Crawl and Kieana confirmed that it looked like Crawl was used for a ritual to create a devil. Though it seemed cruel though they weren’t done with what they came here to do. They saw several arcane runes etched into the floor of this room. Knowing that the one from the devils teleporting in would probably just be taunting them Kale decided not to read them. Sam however decided to read the one in front of the door where Crawl had been hung over. After twenty minutes of deciphering it while Kale was in his trance Sam came to the conclusion that it said:

“The worm of Gozreh is my name, eating my flesh to keep me tame.”

She relayed this information to the group as they decided to enter the next room. They opened the large blue metal doors to see a screen of a vibrant green color. When they entered their ability to cast arcane spells was reduced severely. They continued on through a hallway that was about thirty feet long, and it ended at a room that was in a large cylinder shape much like the room of stars. In the center was another obelisk, but this one actually appeared to be one that would hold a shard, unfortunately there was no shard within it.

The party saw four more of the men in black in this room, and one man in particular that had heavy orcish features, but he was covered in black scales, and had black reptilian wings. The group took note of how the person with black dragon wings was putting something onto his belt. Then the fight broke out between the two groups. The men in black seemed to be heavily wounded from their previous battle and fell quickly to the heroes.

The dark orc man with wings was using a whip that had blue markings. The party knew it had to be a shard of Erandicus’ fang. He fell quickly to Kieana who easily overpowered him due to him being evil. After the fight all, but one of the dark men had either fallen or died.

The last one standing was questioned by Kieana, and found out to not be a Hellspawn, but a chromatic dragonkin who serves Tiamat and would probably be tortured for his failure. He didn’t have much information that was relevant aside from that.

Sam then took her claim on The Ocean’s Whip, and also picked up the scrying orb from the winged orc man. During this time Kale did a blood transcription on one of the fallen dragonkin that seemed to use magic. He obtained the lightning bolt spell from this.

Upon their completion of questioning the black dragonkin man Kieana asked for a veil of his blood to which he kept refusing until Sam stabbed him and obtained the blood. This blood was used by Kale to do a blood biography spell.

The dragonkin’s life was quite uninteresting. He was borne in a village for chromatic dragon’s and dragonkin to be part of Tiamat’s army that had one ultimate goal: to destroy the metallic dragons. The man trained his inherent arcane spellcasting abilities and joined the army under his lieutenant who was the orc. They got this job and he barely survived the fight against the devils to be randomly defeated after completing his mission. Guessing from his overall backstory Kale predicts that when this man goes back to his village he will be thoroughly punished for his failure, but he will probably have a chance to redeem himself.

With that being done it concluded this game’s session. :)



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