The World of Sin

A Battle With Evil

Upon finding Garen Ross the gunslinger tricked him into believing a section of the forest was on fire. Garen quickly pointed them in a general direction where the group might be able to find the elemental forge.

Unfortunately for the group his information was too vague and they needed to buy a map. After searching for the forge the party made camp. In the middle of the night they were abruptly woken up by the sound of a marching army. It turned out that a vast army of foul demon-spawn were going to attempt to stop the group.

The group was rescued by strangers who had ethereal wings. They then made haste to the elemental lord to have Erandicus’ fang reforged. Upon arriving they had a short chat with the elemental lord who then sacrificed himself to reforge the fang. After this was done Kieana took the blade after Ross knee-capped the cocky bard.

Finally the party had the weapon that they required to defeat the divine one. Deciding to test it out Kieana then rushed back to where the ethereal winged people were holding off the demons. Aided by the help of the skilled gunslinger the two fought with great courage against the demon onslaught. They dominated the battlefield slaying several great hellspawn lords.

With the battle wrapped up the party turned their attention to where the powerful fang deemed the Divine One was hiding.



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