The World of Sin

The Divine Dragon

The divine dragon

The group returned to Shaloon to get their much needed supplies before they would do battle with the divine one. Ross had a bit of a dispute with the gunsmith on why he should be given special privileges with the guns the man had in stock. Ross was then kicked out, and Imata snuck into the store, and stole the most valuable guns the man had. Ross was amazed at how finely crafted his new weapons were, and was excited as ever to see them blow shit up.

Once rested up the group made their way to the country Eena where the fang was claiming the divine one was in. The trip was uneventful, and for the most part the country seemed quiet. After finally arriving at the capitol city in Eena known as Bale the group then went to the palace area. After convincing the guards that she was an emissary for Miandra Kieana made her entrance into the castle.

The group was guided into the throne room by the butler where Ross began harassing the king of Eena, Lloyd. The king seemed strangely young, and was completely aware of what was on Kieana’s back. He did not seem to be too fond of the situation he had been put in.

Before too long the fight broke out. The king started the fight wielding a long sword, but before too long he showed his true nature by transforming into the seven winged grotesque monstrosity that was the Divine Dragon.

The fight destroyed an entire block of the city, and the party were fairly battered. When the final blow was dealt by Kieana that sent the dragon hurtling toward the ground. Fluffy finished the beast after Ross failed to do so.

The sky’s suddenly turned an emerald green as an even larger dragon descended from the sky. This one however was not there to fight. This dragon had luminescent scales that shimmered as it moved. It identified itself as the god of metallic dragons: Buhaumet. Buhaumet then gave words of thanks to the heroes and blessed the world.

Mysteriously Buhaumet hasn’t been seen since what is now known as the Emerald Day. Chromatic dragons still live in the world of Sin, and people continue to suffer. Some speculate that he was there to give courage and hope, others claim that he was just a myth brought on by great magics being used in Sky Island. All of the heroes were world renown as they separated and went on to do their own things.

We will be continuing this world so continue to read, and follow the page. My next game is going to be much more strict on who gets in to excel our enjoyment level since four is about all that is needed, and it can still be an enjoyable level of fun.

A Battle With Evil

Upon finding Garen Ross the gunslinger tricked him into believing a section of the forest was on fire. Garen quickly pointed them in a general direction where the group might be able to find the elemental forge.

Unfortunately for the group his information was too vague and they needed to buy a map. After searching for the forge the party made camp. In the middle of the night they were abruptly woken up by the sound of a marching army. It turned out that a vast army of foul demon-spawn were going to attempt to stop the group.

The group was rescued by strangers who had ethereal wings. They then made haste to the elemental lord to have Erandicus’ fang reforged. Upon arriving they had a short chat with the elemental lord who then sacrificed himself to reforge the fang. After this was done Kieana took the blade after Ross knee-capped the cocky bard.

Finally the party had the weapon that they required to defeat the divine one. Deciding to test it out Kieana then rushed back to where the ethereal winged people were holding off the demons. Aided by the help of the skilled gunslinger the two fought with great courage against the demon onslaught. They dominated the battlefield slaying several great hellspawn lords.

With the battle wrapped up the party turned their attention to where the powerful fang deemed the Divine One was hiding.

The Trials at The Tower Of Hope
This one is short on the account of me not having time to type these anymore.

Upon getting back to Shaloon the party then traveled to the northern border of Eena where there was a large tower. Within the tower the group went through several trials and triumphed over the challenges that the forces of light had put in there to make sure that only honorable warrior may pass.

After the trials of the tower the group then traveled South to the Fey Forest and looked for a man named Garen to be a guide through the forest and help them find the one who would forge Erandicus’ Fang.

Horrors in The Depths of Shadow

After being teleported into Shaloon the group was lead by Kieana to find a way to track down the remaining pieces of the Oni, Agony. Unfortunately with out Kale the group seemed to be missing some strength. Deciding on it being a good idea Kieana decided to search for help. She found a local adventurer’s guild, Augustus’ Legion, and decided to look there.

Inside they found a woman who was wearing full magical armor. They convinced this strange new gunslinger to join their group, and with their new addition they decided to make way for the mage’s academy. After spending quite a lot of gold coin at the mage’s academy in Shaloon they finally made a portal to where Agony was.

On the other side of the portal there was a vile swamp. The air was thick, and the vary ground the group landed on was tainted. The party quickly found out that this was not the material plane, and one place came to mind after a brief inspection of the surrounding area, Abandon. The liquid of this swamp was a type of acid, and it seemed that there was not a place on this realm that wasn’t covered in it.

After a very brief search Agony attempted to ambush the party. A fierce fight incurred, and afterword Kieana scooped up what was left of Agony after Archimedes’ pet, Fluffy, got a hold of her. The group recalled back to the material plane, and went to put the pieces of the child that Agony had possessed back together.

Kieana was being very cautious about it, and made sure to have the liquid remainder of Agony blessed before pouring it down the child’s throat. Once they completed the girl the black markings completely faded from her body. Kieana determined that the child would be fine when she came to, but the party did not have time to wait for that. Kieana left the girl money and a note. With that the party left for the next temple.

The group decided that it would be much faster to get a portal to the next temple rather than walking there. So they went back to the mage’s academy to get another portal made. They wanted to be teleported on the island that they had seen in the orb’s memory. Unfortunately there was some sort of barrier there, and they wound up on the shores of the lake instead of on the island of the lake.

Sam remembered that there was a ferryman who would pick them up on the dock. The ferryman asked for fifty platinum coins for his service. The group obliged, but Kieana was rather wary of this man for he was emanating evil. The boat ride was silent. Finally the group arrived on the island.

From here they traveled through trapped doors, haunted tombs, and dark sculpture encrusted walls before making it to the bottom throne room. Here they saw a man who was sitting in the throne behind a barrier of some sort. The man was wearing a black suite that had very thin white stripes. He wore dress shoes, and his undershirt was a very bright red. The man had platinum hair, red eyes, and his teeth appeared to be that of a shark. In front of the barrier was a lich, who seemed to be talking with the man.

The conversation that followed revealed that Sam’s real name is Imata, and that her mother is being held captive by this man. He is also the leader of Imata’s secret society. From here the man stated that he wanted to be entertained, and ordered the lich to attack the party. Two assassin’s came from the shadows to assist the lich.

The fight didn’t last too long before the group bested their foes. The party was attempting to capture the assassin’s alive, but did not take it too harshly if they accidentally struck too hard. Finally when the fighting was over the man seemed to be amused. He then deemed that this was the perfect epic story. There was the great hero who was Kieana, the damsel who was Imata’s mother, and the demon god which was him.

The room then shifted into what seemed to be living flesh, and the man shifted into a strange black dragon. It seemed to be a black dragon, but had glowing red eyes, and it’s scales seemed to emanate shadow. It’s breath wasn’t acid, instead it was a black mass of energy that withered and rotted that which it touched.

After a fierce battle the party came out victorious, and the shadow dragon started to wither itself. The doorways to the room seemed to be blocked by what appeared to be very pointy teeth, and after taking a while to shatter them the group then found the vault that was filled with treasure. The group also found the next shard of Erandicus’ fang, and another orb. They decided to leave from the doorway that they believed to be correct, and as they were passing through the flesh room again they saw the man sitting on the throne that was currently also made out of what appeared to be living flesh.

The conversation revealed that the man was actually the second of the four horsemen, Famine. He wanted to watch his brother’s plan unfold, and was annoyed with how easily his brother was accomplishing his goals. Famine was most pleased though at the group who kept quelling his brother’s plans. Finally the man said that he had no need for another fight with the party, and opened the teeth that were blocking the exit for the party.

The heroes left the temple, then they looked at the orb. The next orb depicted an area of grassy fields with a tower that was towering above the hilly landscape. There was a group of soldiers who seemed to be patrolling around the tower. Finally they saw the hero Lloyd who seemed much younger than usual, and he talked about how this was the beginning of his journey and he felt weird about it since it would be the end of the listener’s journey. He then described that this tower was on the border of Eena, and St. Henry’s Run.

The long walk back to Shaloon took a month’s journey, and on the way Imata sent her mother to sea toward Millu Island to be with her brother. With that we concluded our session.

The Horrors of The Castle Hidden in The Snow
Kale's Corruption

It had been a week since the group had saved the power plant from destruction and the arch mage finally managed to fix the generators of the power plant. He then allowed the group to take up the backup power supply for their help. The backup power supply was the shard of air. The arch mage then stated that the group should leave the building and then they will meet his assistant who will show them the way across the gap on the islands.

First the group decided to take a look at the orb to see where the next shard was. They were struck by visions of a snowy plane that was being rattled by a severe whiteout. Lloyd explained that this was the very northern tip of Culanica in a country known as Shiron. The next shard was being held in a large castle known as Aranthor’s Abandoned Castle.

The group was astonished to find that the arch mages assistant was the cloud dragon who seemed to be skulking outside of the power plant. The dragon was kind and helped them across so that they didn’t need to spend spells to get across the way.

The group then traveled through the portal of Sky Island. They decided that it would probably be best if they find a guide before venturing into the snowy wastelands that they had seen in the orb. The group decided to wait until they get to Shiron before they get a guide since that would probably be the best place to look for a guide.

They made their way through Shaloon, and before long they were on the open road. After about a week and a half of traveling they made it to what seemed to be a blockade in the road. They addressed the guards as guards of the country known as Eena. These guards stopped them and questioned the party about their business in Eena. After determining that the party wasn’t there for war they then let the party pass.

It was three days before they made it to Eena’s northern border. Oddly enough there wasn’t a blockade there, but they did hear the sounds of battle in the distance. They went around what they believed to be a large battle taking place around a large tower. After another week of travel they found themselves in the country of Shiron.

The first thing they did upon making it to Shiron’s capitol of Mist Glaive was to find a guide. The town seemed to be made mostly of log houses, and the people seemed very weary of the northern portion of their country where it was a snowy wasteland that was nearly impassable. The citizens of Shiron were also fairly frightened of that region due to the castle apparently being haunted. Eventually they asked the dreaded question, “Is there anyone here who can navigate the northern portion of this country?” Surprisingly the inn keeper knew of someone who was willing to do almost anything for money. He directed the party to the bard that was playing music on his ocarina in the corner.

The bard decided to help out the party. Unfortunately the bard didn’t seem to be as knowledgeable about the northern lands as hoped. He eventually came to the conclusion that he had a general understanding of where the castle was, and they’ll figure out where it is when they get closer to the location. Not feeling too reassured the group decided to have one last night of comfort in Mist Glaive before making their way toward the castle.

The walk to the castle was harsh. The snow whipped across the adventurer’s faces. Kale made the walk there somewhat comfortable through magic, but he couldn’t always keep up his magical shielding from the intense climate. Finally after an additional three days of wandering in near blinding conditions the party had finally stumbled upon the castle.

There were magical runes lining the castle. Inside there were various traps, magical locks, obscuring mist, and many other annoyances. Eventually the party had found their way into a room that was much colder than the other rooms of the castle. Inside they saw a skeleton with ice armor. As soon as it noticed them it attacked.

The battle was intense especially for Kale who was swallowed by black flames that came off of the skeleton’s claws after slashing Kale. He became fairly ill even after the fight was won and the flames had stopped Kale looked deathly ill and burned nearly beyond recognition. Kale decided to teleport back to Shaloon to seek help from the clerics of the grand city.

The rest of the party decided that they wanted to continue onward. Sam was annoyed to find that one of the doors had a magic mouth that was threatening to kill her if she opened the door. She did not heed the warning and opened the door anyway. After opening the door she found that one of the rooms had something moaning and grunting within it.

Whatever was in the room let out a horrific howl, but the seasoned adventurers didn’t seem to be phased by this. They decided to go to the door that was on the opposite side of the hallway from the door they entered from. This door led to another courtyard. There was quite a loud noise in this courtyard from above. The group looked up to see what was going on and beheld the largest dragon they had ever seen. It was a white dragon, and as soon as they addressed it the creature simply talked about how it warned them not to go into the door.

The monster began its attack, but before it did so Kieana claimed that if it simply killed her then the rest of the group would just leave and it will have successfully won the fight with only one kill. This claim seemed to have worked since the dragon showed no sign of care from the other group members. It followed Kieana into the sky, but she managed to lay a mighty blow on the creature sending it hurdling back toward the ground.

Sam heard a loud crash next to her. To her this was definitely not good since she was already shaken by the dragon’s presence, and now it was only feet from her. So Sam decided to hide in the corner of the court yard where she believed the dragon wouldn’t follow her.

From here the dragon decided to retreat to where it would have a better advantage since Kieana seemed to have better maneuverability outside so the dragon used its breath weapon to create a large cloud of snow that obscured vision of it so Kieana wouldn’t know where or what was going on within the cloud.

The dragon then retreated in doors making it right past the bard who seemed to be rather distracted by the snow cloud. The dragon took on a human form that looked like a twenty year old human that wore white clothing and had short bluish white hair. The dragon seemed to move very fluently in this form, and aside from the strange appearance would easily pass for human.

Kieana gave chase and managed to catch the dragon before it completely retreated. The dragon used its breathe one last time in vein as it didn’t seem to harm Kieana too much. Then the door where the howl came from suddenly swung open as a strange creature that appeared to be a human/deer mix without feet that seemed to hover instead of walk. It had blood practically pouring from its muzzle, and appeared to be very terrifying.

The dragon then stated it wouldn’t attack the party, and that it had failed so it will be fleeing for its life from the dragons too. It didn’t want to die so it was willing to do almost anything to avoid its impending fate. Kieana agreed that as long as it wouldn’t attack anyone then she would allow it to leave. The dragon then traveled through a door that the party hadn’t been through before and appeared not to bother them.

The battle with the new strange creature wasn’t going very well since it had pinned Kieana and appeared to be ready to send her away. Suddenly Kale teleported back in and the creature appeared to fly through the walls at very fast speeds with Kieana. The group gave chase to Kieana and the strange creature and they were very happy to see that Kieana managed to break free after only just getting outside. The cloud formed from the dragon had finally dispersed and the fighting out here continued with this new fierce foe.

Kale managed to completely decimate the creature in just three hits. The party seemed rather discouraged since they seemed to not be there for anything other than being Kale’s company while he saved the world. After the battle the group then went inside of the room that the creature had come out of. They found a closet and inside was filled with gold and the shard of Erandicus’ fang.

Kale noticed that there was some sort of magical eye that was following the group so he dispelled it. After he dispelled it he noticed that there was some sort of magic underneath him. No matter where he stepped this magic followed him. After about a minute of this finally the magic manifested and opened a portal underneath Kale swallowing him inside of a mouth of fire. The rest of the party questioned what just happened, but came to the conclusion that since it happened to Kale that he would be fine.

Inside of the portal Kale found himself inside of a room that appeared to be made out of dark metal and had various horrific markings throughout the room. On the other side of the room he saw a strange man who had red skin and horns in a business suit sitting behind a desk.

The strange figure greeted him and Kale had a seat and drank the wine that the man offered. Kale resisted something magical coming from the wine. The red man seemed to be pleased that Kale had managed to do so. After a brief talk the man offered Kale a contract to join the hell spawn in the war they were planning to have with the forces of good on the material plane.

Kale surprisingly seemed to be completely into this idea and did not hesitate to sign the contract to which his body was completely covered in chains. Then a pentagram was etched into his skin. After that his skin seemed to blister and he grew horns. He was given a portal back to join his friends since part of his mission was to help them back into a more survivable location so that they may gather the next shard while he split off by himself and gained the final shard. When they came to get the final shard then he would kill them all and claim all of the shards for himself and the power of the shadow realms.

Kale then went through the portal and did as he was asked. He then made a portal for everyone to cross over into Shaloon. He was weary of Sam whom was ratted out by the red man to be Imata Shadowstorm, and that her true purpose to be with the group was to spy on him. After everyone had made it through Kale closed the portal. He wasn’t going to join them since he already knew the location of the final shard, and he made a portal to the closest point he knew to the final shard; only miles away…

The Battle Within The Power Plant
The Return/Conclusion of Crawl

As a side note before I begin this adventure log kindly know that I simply stated that Nesterok was brought in with Archimedes last game. This was to avoid him not being a part of the game for a while.

Kieana stated that she was going to go investigate further into the temple to see if there was some way to get around having to go into the fray of the battle. She got on her Pegasus and flew off of the balcony of the great power generator room. The remainder of the party stated that they were going to continue onward, but they weren’t going to attempt to climb down the balcony to the floor level of this room due to the intense fighting down below.

Upon having Sam investigate all of the doors that lay before them the heroes continued on through the middle door where there was only one metallic looking figure rather than three of the creatures that they had faced in the previous game.

They entered and as soon as they did the metallic guardian warned them that he needed access codes from the arch mage in order for them to continue. Kale swiftly responded by charging in and attempting to cast a spell on the metallic figure. The spell dispersed upon impact of the creature.

From there the rest of the battle was intense. Kale decided that the best possible option for him was to use the invisibility spell to keep the guardian from attacking him while he buffed up. Sam stayed back and began studying the creature. The rest of the party were having difficulties and were annoyed when they found that the guardian had an astonishing reach as it punched the gunslinger through the doorway.

Finally after much effort the group finally managed to fell the behemoth. They continued onward down a hallway that appeared to be the ultimate destination for any who were attempting to get through the guardians. Finally they opened another door to reveal the room they were on the balcony of before.

They were on a much larger platform and it seemed to actually lead to a stair case that led to the bottom of the room where the battle between the demons and the inevitable guardians was still in full swing. The stairway also led to a higher platform area. They decided to go to the higher area and investigate.

Once they were at the top of the higher platform they saw a very long hallway that was around 200ft long. They continued on down this hallway which eventually led to a door. Once they opened the door they beheld a great room. It was around 600ft tall and circular. They believed this section to be the tower section of the power plant that they had seen on their way into the building.

Kieana was there. She was standing with her Pegasus next to her right next to a desk which had an elderly Elven man sitting at it studying a book. The man seemed surprised when the heroes entered and stated that he was the arch mage.

The arch mage gave them the access codes so that they wouldn’t have to fight any more of the guardians, but the threat of the island’s power going out was still in the air. If the group didn’t take care of the demons then they were probably going to take the shard before the power generator was fully fixed and then the island would fall out of the sky.

They then formulated a plan with the arch mage that they were going to close the demonic portal after activating the secondary protocol system to activate the standby guards that would drain a lot of power. As long as the secondary protocol was only online for a few minutes then the island would be fine, but if it were to stay on then it would take up too much power and cause all of the power to be rerouted to them. From there the battle would probably be stopped for a little while, but all of the guardians would be offline for around ten minutes. During that time they would study the portal and attempt to dispel it while there were no demons around. After the demons were dealt with then the party would wait for a few weeks for the arch mage to fix the generator so that they may take the staff without causing the island’s destruction.

The only major problem with the plan is that in order to activate the secondary protocol it needed someone to flip all of the switches around the large power generator room in order for it to be activated. Kieana volunteered since she was the most mobile out of the entire group. Unfortunately she would need to flip the switches a second time in order to turn off the secondary protocol. Once the first switch was flipped then the secondary protocol guardians would no longer be operational, but they would still be siphoning power so Kieana needed to flip all of the switches again.

For a while the party believed that it would probably only take around twenty to thirty seconds to flip all of the switches. This was until they saw where the switches were and realized that it would probably take around five minutes to get them all since they were located throughout various sections in this room.

The switches were activated and the secondary protocol guardians were activated. There were around thirty of them and they all resembled the blue floating stone man with only one half of a body and four arms. They quickly cleared the room of the demons and the group made their way to the portal. Since they had the access codes they were allowed to enter by the secondary protocol guardians.

Once they got there Kale attempted to dispel magic and failed. He then saw some magical text around the portal and read it with the read magic spell. He read the incantation and realized it required him to recite it out loud to make a guardian appear. From there the party would need to slay this guardian and then the portal would close itself.

Kale read the incantation and a large, grotesque abomination appeared. It appeared to be a mixture of a mantis with a tail, and a tiger. The most disturbing about this gargantuan horror was the face on top of the tigers head was that of Crawl.

The battle broke out and Fluffy was slain a second time by this beast. After the second loss of Fluffy and plenty of horrific injuries the group managed to slay it and close the portal. While the creature was slumping down it was moaning and growling. Feeling lucky Ross decided to put the abomination out of its misery. He then put the barrel of his gun in its mouth and fired causing black innards to splatter all over him.

Upon sealing the portal the group then guarded the area until the arch mage fixed the generator. It took two weeks before he was finished and he allowed the group to pick up to 125,000gp worth of magical items out of his own personal vault. When he completed the repairs a door opened on the side of the generator. Within it were the air shard, and a scrying orb.

Sky Island's Evacuating!? Problems at The Power Plant
A Pegasus slays a CR15 in one hit!? Read how! :P

After having Nesterok healed by the oracle the three members of the party: Sam, Kieana, and Kale decided to make haste to Shaloon so that they may make it to Sky Island to get the next shard. Unfortunately the druid Archimedes stated that he had wanted to stay behind to rest for a while, and Nesterok seemed to want to do the same since he got the worst of the battle at Set’s Pyramid.

The three made way to the South since the Orcish Mountains were on the northern border of Shaloon. Along their way down from the mountains they were ambushed by Orcs a total of three times, but slaughtered the un-expecting Orc raiders. They finally had made it down the mountains and were in various fields, and temperate forests for the remainder of their journey to Shaloon.

As they continued on Kale made a discovery as he looked behind the party; the strange figure that has been trailing the party since The Elven Forest was currently following them. Weary of the threat they believed him to possess they had set up a scheduled watch.

Before this watch though Kale had permanency spelled dark vision to Sam’s eyes at Sam’s expense of course. Sam was thankful that she had finally found someone who was able to do this for her since Akshir did have a mage who was able to do this, but he was out on travels at the time of their arrival to that town. They decided that the watch would first be Kieana, followed by Kale, and the end of the night would see Sam watching over the sleeping party.

During Sam’s watch she heard a voice communicating to her in her head. It stated, “Kill the Paladin while she sleeps.” At that point Sam deemed the act as something that would obviously be harmful and started to yell out stating that she would not harm the paladin. The noise of Sam’s angry screams woke up Kale and Kieana at which point Kieana detected a gargantuan amount of evil in the air.

Kieana made her way to the epicenter of the evil and struck out at it. While she did just wake up from a sound sleep she had cast a spell called instant armor so that she wouldn’t be at as much of a disadvantage. Kale cast a few buffs to help in their fight, and Sam took out the Vorpal Scythe that she had taken from Agony.

The battle commenced and the mass of evil summoned a succubus, and before too long dispelled its greater invisibility spell. At this point a large serpent creature appeared before the party. It had black scales with orang underbelly scales. It had three necks, three tails, one body, and one head, but on its head were six glowing orange eyes, and six massive fangs jutted from the top of its gaping maw. Glowing orange ruins coated its black scales, and from them emanated a dark evil.

Kieana and Kale were not fazed, and Sam was focused on the Succubus that Kale had left her with. The battle continued and Kieana ignored the beast’s horrid poison as it bit down on her. It didn’t take long though, and the beast was slain; mainly due to the fact that it was chaotic evil and Kieana’s paladin abilities rip through chaotic evil outsiders.

Meanwhile Sam had just lashed out at the succubus. Amazingly Sam’s strike with the scythe seemed extremely efficient since it severed the demon’s head from its neck. Sam seemed absolutely amazed that she managed to kill the creature in only one blow.

When the fighting stopped the trio went about several different tasks. Kale began to skin the beast, and Kieana was ripping fangs from its mouth. Sam however didn’t care and went the fuck to sleep. In the mourning they set off again toward Shaloon. Three days after they began their journey at the oracles shrine and they found themselves in Shaloon.

Shaloon was a grand city that they could see for miles before they arrived. It had various sky scrapers within its city limits, and the outskirts of town were filled with cherry blossom trees, but it was currently summer so they had already blossomed. Roadways became bridges since Shaloon was built on an exceedingly small island and the majority of the town was afloat on humanoid made structures.

Before they arrived inside of the towns they were met by a strange man wearing a bandito hat, and a black cloak. It turned out that the man was a gunslinger by the name of Ross. Ross was a man from the Southern Great Desert. He had in his hand a pistol, which only Kale had seen one of these contraptions before so the other two were a little confused as to what the toy in the man’s hand was. Ross was twirling the gun around and leaning on the railing of the bridge.

Sam continued into the town since she needed to get to a bank, and sell a lot of the items she had obtained from the last two temples. Kale and Kieana stayed behind to speak with Ross since he greeted them by hitting on Kieana. The talk that followed was fairly hilarious.

Ross: “Well hello there my lady.”
Kieana: “…”
Ross: “Interesting armor, and mount. What do you do?”
Kieana: “I adventure around the world, and fight evil.”
Ross: “So you adventure around the world?”
Kieana: “Yes”
Ross: “So what exactly do you seek in your adventures?”
Kieana: “Yes”
Ross: “… Do you come across treasure during your adventures?”
Kieana: “Yes”
Ross: “… Would it be okay for me to join you in a few of these adventures?”
Kieana: “We have a high mortality rate, and I’m not really the party leader so it’s not my decision.”
Ross: “How many have died on your journeys?”
Kieana: looks at Kale and states, “Didn’t you have a twin?”
Kale: laughs
Ross: “Well who is the party leader?”
Kieana: “Sam”
Ross: “Are you Sam?”
Kale: “No, she’s the one that continued into the city.”
Ross: “Where was she going?”
Kieana: “I’m not really sure myself.”
Ross: “So is it okay for me to follow you around until we meet this Sam again?”
Kieana: “You can follow him around; my matters are private.”
Kale: “Lame…”
Ross: “I shall do that than!”

Kieana then went to seek advice on the matter of the fangs she had taken from the evil beast that was stalking them before, and the unwilling Kale traveled with Ross to the tavern to waste a few hours. Ross continued questioning Kale who slowly grew more and more impatient. The city was a truly beautiful one. The bar that Kale and Ross traveled to was well lit with magic made neon lights, and the church of Serenrae that Kieana went to was the largest she had ever seen.

Once Kieana arrived at the church she was greeted by a priest. She told him that she was looking for advice on a few things and showed him the grotesque bats that she had killed after Agony attempted to escape, and also showed him one of the fangs that were about as large as a medium sized long sword. The man then took her to an area with a wooden bench and told her to wait here while he talked with the head priest of the temple. She then was told she could enter the man’s office, and she went in.

The office was fairly plane for that time period and a bald man greeted her. He wore white robes with a golden sun on them. He then asked why she needed his advice. She gave him the fang and he identified it as a Xacarba fang. A Xacarba was a beast from the Abyss that’s known for hunting powerful magical items, and eating the magic that is within them.

Then Kieana showed the man one of the bats and he wasn’t able to identify the bat. He told her that the bat could be identified by a man that he didn’t like, and apparently this man had a friend that was just as belligerent. He jotted down the address of the mysterious man and wrote down the name “Samuel L Connery” next to the address.

From there Kieana made her way to the address. She found the building and it was a thirty story tall building. The address was located on the very top of the building. She saw that there was a construct made out of iron that was manning a room whose level was changed through a pulley system.

She watched several people walk by and tell the iron construct various numbers and got into the room. The construct would then raise the room up to the level whose number matched the number they had stated. She heard a voice over a magically constructed intercom state a number and without anyone getting in the room the construct raised it. From there when the construct lowered the room again there was a person in the room who then left the building.

After watching this she decided to walk over to the construct and stated “30” and got in the room. Sure enough the construct raised the room to the top floor. The top floor did not have an interior close to her. The elevator she came in on had a tower that went up one story further than the building. She walked onto the roof right before the room dropped.

The roof had a single small building on top of it in the very center of the roof. She walked over and knocked on the door of this circular structure. A dark skinned human answered the door. He had a scar on one eye, and wore black robs. The man was completely bald, and spoke in a very sophisticated accent. Kieana introduced herself and stated that she had something she needed him to identify.

The man let her in and the interior was filled with very expensive furnishings. There was another man within this place he was sitting on a chair in the corner of the room playing with what looked to be a red orb; making it hover above his lap. This man had black hair, black reptilian eyes, a black trench coat, brown workers pants, and a white button up shirt underneath the coat. In a way he looked familiar to the men Kieana had fought in The Spire of Gozreh.

She was brought to the kitchen area and Samual then asked her if she wanted wine as he grabbed two crystal glasses. Kieana refused and Samual still pored two glasses of wine, and started drinking both of them. Kieana finally laid down the bat on the counter.

Samual asked if there were any more bats as he studied the one he was looking at. Kieana dropped all of the bats that she had on the counter. Samual asked her to wait and went into a different room. He returned with a wand that appeared to be made out of silver with gold decorations on it. He cast a spell and waved the wand at the bats at which point they started to mutate. They formed into one body and continued to grow larger.

Kieana drew her warhammer and prepared for a fight; her companion Pegasus was left at the church. The figure grew into the form Agony had taken when they previously fought, but the body was covered in black scripture, and was unconscious. The man in the corner seemed to break his attention from the orb when the body took shape into the human girl. At this time the paladin threw robes over the girl, and the man in the corner let out a sigh and went back to his orb.

Samuel started to read some of the scriptures that marked the girl’s body. He then told Kieana that the writing was basically the spell that bound a daemon’s soul to the girl’s body. Kieana asked if the girl was going to be alright since Samuel stated she was alive, and Samuel said she will live a full life, but would be in a coma until the remaining bats were slain. She had no need of food, no need of water, and no need of air since this body was bound to the daemon who escaped.

Kieana took the body and thanked Samuel for his help as she left his home. She took the body to the church of Sarenrae and explained the entire story. The church then took the body and agreed to watch over it until Kieana killed the remainder of the bats and the girl woke up from her coma. Kieana decided to go find Kale and Sam so that they could continue their assembly of the shards.

Sam then finished selling the gear she needed to sell and decided to find Kieana and decided that Kieana was probably at the church of Serenrae and decided to look there. Sam managed to catch Kieana right as she was leaving the church to look for Kale. Kale at that time had given into Ross’ constant pleads for them to go find Sam and they left the bar to go look for Sam.

Kieana and Sam then went to the bar to find that Kale, and Ross were not there. They then went searching and after a few hours of looking they all finally managed to find one another. At that point they had a long discussion about who was the group leader and this discussion led nowhere. After a group decision they decided that it was fine for Ross to join them at his own risk.

Ross knew where the portal to the Sky Island was located and then after being let into the party agreed to take them there. They arrived in a place that had a square shaped drop down about one-hundred feet, and they saw a magnificent thirty foot high portal that had a steady stream of people all walking out of it while no one was entering. They made their way down, but couldn’t get into the portal by foot.

Kieana decided to pull a citizen aside and ask what was going on and he claimed the island was being evacuated. This was due to the island’s power plant going haywire and the island possibly dropping out of the sky. It turned out that the power plant was the area Lloyd had stated the party would find the next shard of Erandicus’ fang. They then knew that there were already invaders at the power plant and that it would probably be a very dangerous journey from here on.

Kale then cast phantom steed several times to allow the party to ride above the crowd. The group made haste through the portal and noted that the Island’s size was much larger than the name made it sound. It was about forty miles across overall, and Kieana asked a citizen where the island the power plant was located. The party had to lie and claim they were the repair wizards that would fix the plant. The citizen then believed it and stated the island was in orbit around the main Sky Island and that it would be arriving at the Eastern coast of the island in approximately three hours.

The group began east. They noted the unique plant life on this island since it has been separated from normal herbs for around 1,500 years now it has truly gotten its own unique life. After about an hour of travel making the steeds go at a full sprint the party had finally arrived at the edge of the island. They waited for two hours and sure enough the orbiting island came into sight.

They still had their steeds and simply flew to the island that was about 300ft from the ledge of the island. On the island they saw a structure that was made of white stone, and had a large tower on one end of the colossal, three-sectioned structure. As they flew toward the structure they noticed that there was only one door on the entire structure.

As they flew to the island they noticed a shape flying high above. When they got to the island Ross took out a spy glass and saw a great beast that resembled a dragon, but had scales that shifted colors between pearly white, and light blue. Kale asked what it was and Ross replied with “It’s just a bird.” Kale grabbed the spy glass and saw it as well. Kale seemed not to care that Ross lied though; probably due to him not trusting anyone anyway.

The group made their way into the entrance of the power plant and the stench of death filled their nostrils. The first room had floors that looked to be made out of marble, and its walls were scaled with shifting white and light blue colors. It was also filled with what seemed to be vulture people that had been slaughtered. The vulture-men’s ears seemed to have all erupted with blood and they absolutely littered what would have otherwise been a beautiful room.

Off to the left hand side there was a doorway that was quite small. It appeared to be made out of the same material the walls were made out of, and it was about 3ft by 6’10ft. Kieana dismissed her Pegasus mount and the group opened the door.

Beyond the door was a winding hallway made out of the same material. After the hallway was a room that appeared to have no floor to everyone but Kale who stated that the area had a floor, but it was only a select path where the floor actually had shown. Kale led the party across the room and opened the door to the next area, and was struck by lightning as the trap activated without anyone checking the door.

After the trap the party was greeted by a room that appeared to have a grey stone floor, and white stone walls. Within the room were two large stone figures that appeared to be Trojan type warriors. The two figures stated that they were Inevitable, and Ross shot at one of them, but his bullet bounced off of the figures skin.

Kieana then tried to be diplomatic, but they simply responded that this area is off limits, and proper authorization codes from the arch-mage were required to be allowed entry. Seeing no other alternative the party fought. Unlike most of their previous foes these stone figures weren’t evil so Kieana’s fighting power was severely reduced against these beings.

Then Kale summoned a hungering pit to which one of the stone behemoths fell in. After it was in the pit however it didn’t seem to take much damage from the pits constant attempt to crush it. The battle dragged on and one of them attempted to throw Kale into the pit he summoned. Sam found that her sword of Subtlety worked very well at harming these things, while Ross had difficulty making bullets past their thick stone skin. Kieana was having difficulty with hurting these things too on the account of how durable they were.

Kieana was downed at one point during the fight, but her Pegasus healed her so she was able to get back up and she began to channel energy to heal. Kale started using draconic breath weapons on his sword at which he started doing massive bouts of damage and annihilated the one that was in the pit since it escaped through casting a dimension door. The one that didn’t fall in the pit continued to use chain lightning several times which seemed to wreak havoc on the members who wore metal armor.

Finally Kale managed to destroy his when the other one punched Sam two times and managed to make her blind and deaf. Sam continued however to swing around her Vorpal Scythe, and the Pegasus mount disarmed Sam and then used the scythe against the large stone man.

Amazingly even though it wasn’t proficient with martial weapons, the Pegasus managed to get a successful roll against the being with the scythe and continued to cut its head off with the Vorpal Scythe showing the party that it’s easy enough for anything to use.

A little dazed as to what just happened the group continued to have to disarm Sam again since she was swinging wildly with her rapier this time. After that Kieana used spells to help Sam get successful saving throws against her blindness and deafness. They then continued to explain to Sam exactly what the Pegasus did with the scythe at which point everyone all found it equally amusing.

At that time Archimedes who had promised to catch up with the group later had finally made it into the temple. He managed to fly across the Islands by gaining the help of a cloud dragon that claimed to be the first guardian of this place and it needed as much help as it could get in defending Sky Island. Archimedes unfortunately did not get to the room in time to see what the Pegasus did, but found the story of what it did to be quite humorous.

Once they were reunited with Archimedes Sam returned the Bow of Life to him, and checked for traps on the doorway out of the room. She found that there was a trap that was connected to the doorway which was some sort of tesla coil. She deactivated the trap and then the party continued into the hallway.

The hallway resembled the first room in the sense that it had a marble floor and the sky scale walls. It also had the dead vulture men scattered and slain littering the floors. The group continued as it turned left then right. Then the path continued for about two-hundred feet and ended at a doorway. Also there were three additional doors all on the left side. Each door was as large as the small doors that they had been walking through.

Sam checked for traps and only found one and it was on the doorway at the end of the hallway. She disabled it with ease since her skills have far exceeded that of when she first started going into these temples. She deactivated a trap that seemed to be a tesla coil type of trap like the one she deactivated at the beginning of the hallway and the party continued through this door as well.

The view on the other side was breath taking. The heroes came out of the hallway to find themselves on a large balcony that overlooked a massive room with four colossal objects in the room with various writing all around them. Below there was an epic battle being fought. They saw the vulture people, as well as what looked to be pig like people with small wings on their backs fighting the Trojan stone warriors.

At the other end of the room they saw one stone being who was made out of a blue stone with only an upper half for his body. He had four arms and wings. This being in particular was slaughtering all of the ugly beasts that weren’t made of stone. Seeing him slay them with such ease made the paladin not want to go into the room since she was seeing how even the Trojan warriors were having some difficulties with these beasts.

They backed out and opted to go a different route. They then took a brief glimpse through each door. The first door on the left had three Trojan stone warriors beyond it. The door in the middle seemed to have a metallic warrior on the opposite side. Finally the last door was the smallest and it was simply covered in mist. The group decided to take the middle door…

See what happens next time on DnD Ball Z at Sky Island’s Power Plant!!

The Great Desert, and Set's Pyramid

Tut zoomview

After taking the black dragonborne’s blood the party decided to allow him to leave seeing as how they believed they weren’t going to get any more information out of him, and he wasn’t fighting back. Unfortunately for him Kale had other plans. Kale killed him as soon as the group decided that they were done with the dragonborne. Kieana and Kale then had an argument about why they should not be killing the fallen dragonborne, and while this argument was occurring Sam coup de graced both the dragonborne that Kale just downed, and the one that was downed in the middle of the fight, but Sam did so stealthily so that Kieana wouldn’t notice.

When Kieana turned to heal the dragonborne since it wasn’t part of her code to slay those who had already surrendered she saw his throat had been slit and then angrily questioned who did it. Sam was already in the position she was in before she had slit their throats and managed to simply irritate the hell out of the paladin whom never found out.

Before too long the group decided to look for any other areas of this tower, maybe a way out so Kale didn’t have to use his spells for today. Sam managed to find a hidden doorway and opened it up. Inside there was a forty foot by forty foot room that appeared to be made out of concrete that was painted blue. Inside of the room was a shelf in the very center of the room, one chest in the center of the back of the room, and two chests on either side.

Sam decided to start opening up the chests, and quickly found out that they were rigged to spray a poison sleep gas on anyone who would trigger the trap on the chests. She quickly found out that it was quite an effective trap as she triggered it and fell asleep. Kale believed the rogue would be much more helpful in this situation than him so he decided to use a spell up to transfer the poison to him. Upon this happening Kieana quickly grew more irritated as she didn’t care to wait here for however long the sleeping poison was going to last before Kale woke up to teleport them back.

Several more members of the group attempted to open the chests and failed miserably. Archimedes was an elf, but due to the circumstances of him not stating he was an elf he also passed out (I’m saying that its due to the sudden fright of triggering the poison rather than the actual poison its self). From there Nesterok took a blood sample from Kale to begin brewing a cure for the poison.

Seeing the rest of the group pass out due to the poison Nesterok waited the two minutes before the sleeping poison stopped spraying from the chests before dragging the sleeping people away from the chests. From here Jeffrey pulled out a pocket watch and stated that he was “Incredibly late for an important event” after stating this he asked if there was any possible way to get the poison off of Kale so that he could go back to the island. Kieana decided that using up a fourth level spell was worth it and removed poison from Kale.

The two then told Kale to teleport them back to Millu Island to which Kale abided. When they teleported back they found that Mytrin’s Domain had become a warzone. It seemed that pirates from The Northern Isles had besieged the town. Not only were there pirates, but also revolutionaries who wanted freedom. The two quickly took note as to the two exploding metal tubes at the front gate that seemed to use fire to launch the metal balls at passing ships. The damage they did was incredible, but due to how much the guards were outnumbered by they were unable to protect the city. Kale, Kieana, and Jeffrey joined the battle on the pirates’ side, but Kale and Kieana didn’t quite understand why.

Meanwhile at the tower Nesterok had taken four hours to learn how to, and prepare a cure for the sleeping poison. Once this happened, and he administered the poison it took an additional four hours of constant failure from the remaining party members before they finally got the three chests opened and beheld the loot inside of them. They found a sword of Subtlety, Masterwork Brass Dragon-skin banded mail, and a few other decent magical items within the chests, but the most important to them would be the large amount of money inside.

The three inside the tower, that is Sam, Archimedes, and Nesterok then looked for a way back to Millu Island since they were in The Spire of Gozreh which was located about two miles off of the coast of the island so swimming didn’t seem like a very good idea. Eventually they found that Mytrin’s opium den area of this tower where they killed the insectoid Daemon was actually an elevator.

Eventually they clicked the up button as they found the elevator went all the way down to the bottom of the spire. When they clicked the up button the elevator took them up to the top of the tower. On the top of the tower there was an orb that was held four feet high by a four-legged post. Nesterok made a use magic device check and the three remaining members of the party were teleported to a dark room.

When they were teleported to the dark room they heard the sound of what they believed to be thunder and battle outside of this building. Nesterok opened the door that was located on one of the walls of this room, and recognized the area as being inside of Mytrin’s palace. The three walked out of the room, and saw a man get thrown out of a room down the hallway, and go smashing against a wall.

After a few minutes of confusion Kale, Jeffrey, and a few other revolutionaries showed up, they appeared to be making their way to Mytrin’s room. Kieana had been separated from them because of the battle. They then made their way to Mytrin’s room and had a elongated battle to which the pirates, revolutionaries, and Jeffrey served to be nothing more than additional targets to split the damage.

The battle was intense, and Fluffy, Archimedes’ dinosaur animal companion, had been slain by Mytrin in the middle of the fight. Eventually though the party did manage to defeat Mytrin; the final blow had actually been dealt by one of the lesser pirates when he thrust his spear into Mytrin’s bloodied neck. The man seemed extraordinarily shocked that he was the one who brought the huge brine dragon down.

After the battle the shocked Nesterok made his way back into the room since he abandoned the ones he had traveled through The Spire of Gozreh with since he was originally employed by Mytrin. He believed Mytrin was going to win hands down, but when it turned out that the party had won he knew that Jeffrey had earned his position as the new monarch of this country. Nesterok decided that Fluffy’s (Archimedes’ fallen dinosaur pet) life was more important than the fallen pirates’ lives, and resurrecting Mytrin would probably get Mytrin killed again, and everyone would also probably be trying to kill him too.

From there Jeffrey claimed the island, but Sam grew curious and had everyone that wasn’t part of the group (Except Jeffrey) leave so that the party may review the scrying orb that they had picked up back in The Spire of Gozreh.

As they activated the orb they were brought to a huge desert with sand dunes as far as the eye could see. Down in a small valley in-between the dunes they beheld a massive pyramid. There was the same figure dressed in black as usual, Lloyd. Lloyd then explained that this temple was known as Set’s Pyramid, and was a cursed place in the center of the great desert of Salian, also he explained that it would be much more dangerous than the previous temple. From there, above the pyramid a cloud formation started to form, that is strange for a place in the middle of the desert. After a storm started to pick up in the desert region the vision faded, and the party was brought back to Mytrin’s palace opium den.

Jeffrey then excused himself after Kieana pointed out that his hair seemed to be a little bit messed up. He came back a few minutes later to take a much more detailed tour of his new palace since he was the one who organized the attack on Mytrin’s Domain. It turned out that the pirates helped him out since Mytrin enslaved the pirate leader’s daughter.

The party then returned to their ship after accompanying Jeffrey in exploring his new palace. They learned that the Inquisitor of Aleor: Heywood had been accidentally hit with a cannon, and died upon impact. Captain Alexander Siftious agreed to take the party to Salian after they explained where they were going next since the ship had been paid so much money by their fallen comrade, but that the party would still have to wait for around five days since the ship was still being repaired.

The party noticed that the monk guide that accompanied them through The Elven Forest had disappeared, according to Alexander he had stated that he wished to return to his training since he became too sea sick to train while journeying via boat, and then he departed.

The five days were mostly uneventful; pretty much just everyone who was a slave on the island being told they were free to do whatever they wished. Jeffrey seemed to make most happy, but Mytrin wasn’t a horrible leader he just lead in a way that wasn’t necessarily needed. Freedom was a nice thing to have overall though, and it brought happiness to a few who had been ditched on this island to find the only way to live would be through slavery.

During the five days Sam had the dream with Erandicus since she had been carrying the whip. She had accepted becoming one of his champions, and when she met him she was alone since he had foreseen problems occurring with him meeting her with someone else. This section was skipped in-game since Sam is fairly reasonable, and would probably accept without much hesitation since it helps her blend in to the group.

The boat had sailed relatively smoothly with no leaks. It took about two weeks to travel all the way down to Salian, and throughout the boat journey the group noted how much warmer the temperature got. Finally after a much longer boat ride then the first one the party finally saw land. It was a beautiful coastline that was filled with palm beaches.

They traveled the coastline for about a day before they finally saw port. The city’s name was Akshir. They said their farewells to Alexander and the crew since they had been released from their contract with Heywood, and with that the party made their way into the city. The group spent about six hours in the town buying supplies and when dusk started approaching they started out in the great desert.

They traveled for a week before one night Kale was abruptly awoken by his sword whom stated that it detected the presence of the one with the blue flames whom Kale had been instructed to bring the head of to the green flame sword, Juru. Kale decided to awake everyone even though the sword told him there was no time. It turned out to be in his favor since he got a ride from Kieana on her Pegasus.

When they arrived about a mile away to the source of the blue flames then they came across “The Blue Flame Samurai” who was also known as Zeke Dilander. Zeke seemed to be preforming some sort of ritual where he drew out the natural energy of the land around him to be converted into arcane magic. Drawing out power like this helped to fuel his growing strength to be able to wield fire and frost at the same time. The ritual ground was filled with candles that were all lit with a blue flame, but to everyone else he had simply wanted seclusion in the desert.

After a brief, uneventful talk the party decided he wasn’t hurting anyone out here so they would let him be. The entire time the party was talking Kale’s black blade had been demanding that he should kill Zeke to be able to free the green flame sword so that it can be destroyed by the black blade. When Zeke left the area and Kale watched him walk away he couldn’t help but feel that his waking up the paladin had cost him a great opportunity.

The travel through the desert was harsh, and the supplies that the party had bought to keep alive in the desert were dwindling since it took them a half a week longer than they expected. The whole journey took a week and a half of enduring the desert sun, but most of the way they had Kale’s spells and Kieana’s left over scrolls of endure elements that she got from Tibby so they were provided temporary relief.

Eventually they made it to the place they had seen from the orb a little over a month ago. They descended into the pyramid’s valley, noting the ominous clouds that loomed above the area. As they made their way to the door they noticed there was a four-legged figure with a human man’s head, a lion’s body, and an eagle’s wings. The figure turned out to be the sphinx that guarded the front door of the pyramid.

The sphinx then claimed, “You must complete my riddles three, and only then will the way be open to thee.” Though it was a little bit strange the three riddles turned out to not be that much of a hindrance to the party, and they quickly solved them with little effort though the comment the sphinx made about two others making it through the riddles today puzzled them.

They asked who the other two people were that managed to make it past the riddles and the sphinx replied with, “There was a dragon whose scales were as blue as the sky, and a school girl with an evil look in her eye. The girl was particularly scary; her eyes had seemed to be made out of ebony, and when I looked into them I saw hate and agony.”

Not feeling reassured by the descriptions being correct the party entered the pyramid that seemed to be made out of sand stone. The doors were also made out of sand stone and were fairly heavy. The first room was circular, and had three doors on the other end of the room. Hieroglyphics seemed to cover the interior of the pyramid. Sam decided to decode the hieroglyphics, and Nesterok already knew the language of Salian.

The hieroglyphics had stated that the three doors in front of the party were the doorways to darkness, light, and the doorway on the left was the doorway to death and the beast. The party decided that the doorway of light was the least dangerous sounding option and decided to go through there. They entered a tunnel that curved slightly and made their way past another sandstone door to discover a room that was also lit by torches.

This room had two large balcony/platform areas on either side of the room. The ramp ways up to the platforms were on opposite sides, the one for the left balcony was on the entrance’s side, and the ramp for the right platform was on the opposing side of the room. The room was about one-hundred feet tall, and was about one-hundred feet wide, and three-hundred feet long. The doorway on the other side was shut, and instead of being a medium sandstone door it was a huge sandstone door. There was a panel on the back right side of the room that was blue and had a sun in the middle of it.

After roaming about the room reading the hieroglyphics for a while the party discovered that they must attach the sun to its light in order to open the way. Nesterok attempted to use the dancing lights spell to light up the area around the sun marking, but it did not work. Kieana was feeling a bit bolder and decided to traverse up one of the ramp ways. She discovered the back portions of the platforms had mirrors that seemed to be adjustable. Finally there were three animated beings that appeared to be made out of clay that were in front of either mirror. The beings had canine faces, but with the bodies of large men. The clay beings noticed Kieana, but they did not move to do anything.

After reading a bit more of the hieroglyphics Nesterok determined that in order to open the portal to the missing sun light the group needed to defeat all of the guardians. The group gathered up and then engaged the beasts. Quickly everyone found that almost all spells had no effect on these beings, and they were neutral guardians so the paladin couldn’t smite evil them.

The golems seemed to react only when their side would get attacked, but Kieana had used her Pegasus to attack a golem from the opposite side from where the group was fighting. Fortunately it was a really long walk to the other platform so they didn’t swarm the party. The battle was a very long one due to no one being particularly strong against golems. Eventually the party mopped up the golems on the right platform and Kieana used the height of the platforms to her advantage and pushed one golem off of the platform so it could take falling damage.

At the time of all of the golems on the right platform being defeated the group then turned their attention below. Kieana noticing how effective blunt force was on these golems decided to lasso one of them with a silk rope they obtained from The Spire of Gozreh’s treasure room. When she did she then had her Pegasus fly up and dropped the golem from one-hundred feet in the air on to the other golems. This seemed to be really effective in damaging them, but it didn’t quite kill any of them.

Archimedes decided to use his summon natures ally spell to summon a gargantuan dinosaur. He attempted to summon it above the golems, but the dinosaur was summoned only five feet above the ground, and to the side of the golems, but it did make a thunderous crash onto the ground when it landed. The impact from the dinosaur hitting the sandstone ground caused large cracks to form and spread to the sides of the platforms, but aside from cracking parts of the structure it didn’t do anything. The dinosaur used its tail’s blunt force to smash through the golems with little to no problems.

Kale had summoned a wall above the remaining golems and the wall fell on them dealing a bit of blunt damage, but didn’t seem to work too well since the wall wasn’t made to have uneven ground to land on. Eventually through unconventional means the party did manage to slay the golems faster than they would have if they would have used regular means.

After the battle the group then noticed a circular marking on the ceiling opened up and sunlight shown inside on one of the mirrors, but it was the right hand side mirror, and couldn’t be angled toward the panel. So they angled it to show sunlight on the left mirror. They then adjusted the left mirror to show sunlight on the picture of the sun. Once they did little holes in the picture of the sun opened up to show a hollow smiley face and the sun rays on the painting began to move in a circular motion. The huge door then opened for the party.

On the opposite side of the door they noted that there was another hole in the ceiling that was letting in sunlight. The sunlight here however did not have a mirror to angle it though. The huge hallway led to another fairly large room. The back wall was jagged and had many different small walls on it, and all of those walls were covered in mirrors, but the sunlight from before appeared to be the only sunlight this room was going to get.

Also in the room was a door on the right (which had bars over it) and another door on the left which appeared to be open able. They decided that the door on the left was the one they wanted to open and passed through. The spy didn’t detect any traps and they continued onward down the hallway. The hallway eventually came to a crossroad with another hallway. Not knowing which way to go the group decided to have Nesterok consult the hieroglyphics. Nesterok looked onward and determined that the pathway to the right of where they came in from was the correct pathway.

According to the hieroglyphics the room down this pathway was supposed to be the cursed pharaoh’s tomb. Apparently he was a restless spirit that wanted to destroy any who trespass in his area. The group bravely continued on even though the scriptures seemed to be quite gruesome.

They then took this route to which Sam was checking for traps. She eventually came to a door at the end of the tunnel and heard creaking, and shifting form the structure. The party eventually was lead back to the area by Sam, and they entered through the doorway. As they all came in Sam saw a Belor, and just as its whip reached her face she saw through the image and the whip passed through her head causing no damage, but scaring her briefly. Kieana then felt a horrible feeling from within her, but made her saving throw to not take the huge amount of damage from the Slay Living spell.

Quickly Sam realized that this location was known as a Haunt. The only way to affect a haunt was through channeling positive energy. Sam informed the group of what she knew and Kieana responded by channeling positive energy.

Kieana quickly managed to cleanse the tomb, but doing so caused the restless spirit to be purged in a violent manner. The earth began to quake and the room caved in. It trapped Archimedes, but he was rescued by his friends before being buried alive killed him.

Once they regained their senses the heroes realized they were on the side of the room that they had entered from. At first they believed they might have to dig their way through, but decided to consult the hieroglyphics again which told them that the first doorway on the right was the one that lead to the cursed pharaoh’s treasure.

They entered through the doorway to see a stairway leading down. The hieroglyphics stated that in order to make it to heaven you must first go to hell. The party seemed really weary of the platform at the bottom of the staircase. On the left side of that platform was a staircase leading up. Sam messed up and accidentally landed on the platform, however it wasn’t trapped like everyone believed it to be, and Sam was fine.

The staircase leading up finally came to a doorway which the group opened. Within this room were two horribly maimed dragons, and both were dead. One was a dragon whose scales appeared to be made out of crystal, and the other dragon was a blue dragon. There were many blue dragonkin, all of which were dead, scattered throughout the room. The strangest thing of all was that the blue dragon didn’t appear to have died from the crystal dragon, but its head had been completely severed.

Nesterok knew that crystal dragons weren’t particularly evil so he resurrected the crystal dragon. The dragon rose and told them that he was slain by the blue dragon, and the blue dragon’s minions. Nesterok then attempted to convince the crystal dragon to join them in the fight against whatever managed to kill the blue dragon. Seeing the blue dragon’s state the crystal dragon quickly rejected the task, but after some convincing it decided to join the group.

The group then entered the doorway through the room, but there weren’t doors on this doorway. Inside even with their torches, and various light spells they couldn’t illuminate it enough for anyone without low-light vision to see. Before they knew it a small human girl with completely black eyes, wearing a school girl outfit, and a trench coat over that dropped down and slammed against Sam. Sam went hurdling back and slammed into Nesterok knocking both of them prone and beginning combat.

The fight began and Kieana began buffing herself and her Pegasus while the strange girl used a finger of death spell on the resurrected crystal dragon, and killed it in one hit and then the party saw blue matter come from the crystal dragon and it was absorbed by the girl. They knew she just ate his soul. Nesterok managed to cast unwilling shield on the girl before she attacked him, but this only stopped her from completely annihilating him, and she still hit him.

The paladin then charged in with all of her bonuses against evil in place and proceeded to completely obliterate the girl whom Kieana knew was possessed by some sort of Daemon, but Kieana knew the girl was beyond saving. From here the girl then grappled with Archimedes and threatened to devour his soul. This stopped the group for a while for her to back up, and the Nesterok stabbed himself since he had unwilling shield on, and the girl then vampiric touched Archimedes who attempted to slash at her with his claws, but proved mostly ineffective.

The girl then dispersed into around fifty bats, and Kieana managed to smite evil all but four of them killing them instantly and dropping them to the ground. Kieana then added a bat to her inventory for further study. After the initial reaction was over the group then decided to open the door at the opposite end of the room since the deeper darkness spell the girl cast dispersed in the middle of the fight.

Within the group beheld only a few treasures, and many aged and broken jars with dust that might have been organs at one time. They then saw the Shield that was one of the shards of Erandicus’ fang. The group decided to use the scrying orb from this temple to see what was in store for their next journey. The world around them again shifted and morphed into the image, a feeling that became ever so familiar to them with their travels. They then saw that they were at a ledge. They couldn’t see the ground below, only clouds. In the distance they saw an island that was afloat, and then guessed that the ledge they were at was also a floating island.

The samurai Lloyd was walking across a bridge from the other island to where they were. He then spoke of Sky Island, and the entrance to this land being inside of the The C-Alliance capitol of Shaloon. The entrance was apparently a portal, and this area was miles above the surface of Sin. Here they would encounter enemies as normal, but the thing that made this a dangerous temple was the landscape. After explaining this he stated that the next temple would be Sky Island’s Power Plant. Then a dragon whose scales were shifting white, and blue came down from the heavens and approached Lloyd peacefully, before the next part was shown the world shifted back into Set’s Pyramid’s treasure room.

The group decided the best thing to do at this time would be to restore Nesterok’s drained level before it became permanent. Nesterok had traveled throughout many regions of the world and was borne in the Orcish Mountains of Culanica. He knew of a high oracle human lady within the Orcish Mountains. When they teleported to this place the woman agreed to cast restoration to cure him of his afflicted level loss, but it would cost them five-thousand gold coins. Seeing as how they got about that from Set’s Pyramid they decided to give him the gold to restore his level. She took the money and then cast the spell upon him. Good thing he managed to get there before the level became permanent otherwise that would have taken much more money. :P

With that it was the end of tonight’s game!

Beneath The Depths; The Spire of Gozreh

The group adventured onward in Heywood’s new ship. Heywood finally realized the error in buying a boat since he became increasingly sea sick as the journey went on. Turns out he wasn’t made for sea travel.

The paladin Kieana was inside of her room of the ship in a deep trance hearing her god’s desires. The Monk guide of the party was also stricken by sea sickness, and the remainder of the party was on deck.

The ship had been sailing for about two weeks at this point. Suddenly the ship suddenly hit something; in the middle of the ocean. Surprised the travelers decided to look down to see what they could have possibly hit in the middle of the ocean. They simply saw a shadow outline of a serpent.

Suddenly the boat was struck again, and this seemed to irritate Alexander; who was all but posing as captain this point since Vanessa had shown that she was the one with true expertise in sailing. Alexander decided that he was going to go down to bring the large creature above water. He then grabbed one of the ropes lying around the ship, and tied it to the mast. He then used it to scale down the ship and use the shocking grasp spell on the water below him.

Abruptly a gargantuan snake that had blue scales, and various other unique traits for this species of snake rose up out of the water. Bemosiph identified it as a sea serpent and determined that it wasn’t immune or had a resistance against lightning, which definitely helped the party since Alexander already zapped it once.

The fight broke out while most of the crew cowered in fear on the opposite side of the boat; all crew members save for Alexander that is. From there the party had a decent fight with the sea serpent, but right before the brought it down it swallowed Bemosiph whole.

They then brought down the large beast which began to sink below the ocean; with Bemosiph in it. From there Bemosiph attempted to escape, but he failed time after time again on cutting through the beast’s belly while water rushed in from its mouth. After a few minutes of Bemosiph not coming up Alexander decided to attempt to rescue him and succeeded to swim down and cut through the serpent’s belly. He then grabbed the now unconscious Bemosiph and brought him to the boat.

The group then looked in horror as the only one who knew how to heal was down below cabin. Bemosiph seemed to be dying fast unfortunately and before they got Kieana above deck Bemosiph had died. Though the loss was unfortunate Sam decided to look below deck for any holes in the ship. She came back above deck screaming that there was damage below deck and that the ship was taking on water.

The crew, led by Vanessa of course, rushed below deck and made make shift patches in the ship. Alexander was no help other than the random bystander that witnessed them patching up the ship. The crew came through and managed to stop most of the water from coming into the ship, but they did need to constantly alternate who was on “water duty” since they had to have two people at all times carrying buckets of water and throwing them out of the ship. While the patches were shotty at best they held long enough for the ship to make its day and a half journey that was left.

The boat had finally arrived at Millu Island. They arrived at the capitol city of Millu Island which was called Mytrin’s Domain. Sam had found out a little about the island before the group had set sail. Mainly that it was a horrible place that was led by a tyrant ruler named Mytrin. Every person that lived on the island was Mytrin’s slave, and visitors only got one week to trade and then leave. From what Sam heard.

The town was a cove town. It had two large rocky formations on either side of the water entrance of the town; which was the only entrance. In the middle of the two rock formations in the ocean there was a large gate that was manned by guards with strange contraptions that were made out of metal tubes and had metal balls stacked up near them. The city wasn’t very even in elevation, and had many beautiful views of pretty much the entire city from the gate area.

As the ship got closer the party noticed that several of the buildings in the town had been burned. Off in the distance the party beheld the large building that was based on the side of the mountain. It was the only building that had walls surrounding it, and looked like a castle made out of stone.

As they arrived they were greeted by a boat that was attempting to dock them, but after Vanessa pointed out the crew that were carrying buckets of water from below deck and dumping them into the ocean the border patrol understood, and let them dock before getting their green cards.

Once inside of Dock 7 the crew was again greeted by the border patrol who had a lengthy discussion with Vanessa about why the crew was there, and after mentioning trade and showing some cargo, which wasn’t in a part of the ship that got flooded, they then agreed to give everyone on board a one week pass.

Every member of the party as well as every crew member was given a one week pass. With their pass in hand some of the group that wasn’t either sick, or concerned about this island decided to explore the city. Kale, and Sam found the magical goods store and bought a few things.

After that Sam decided to go to the tavern and have a few glasses of water to see what the town folk were like. As she walked through the town she noticed several people with brands clearly shown on their necks, and was stopped a few times by random guards who asked for her pass; to which she showed them.

When Sam got to “The World’s Edge Tavern” she heard the strum of a lute, and saw a unique man at the end of the bar with a strange looking creature. She paid him no heed, and entered. She got her drink and had him approach her; the man was Archimedes, a druid who had a prehistoric beast as his pet. Archimedes’ pet wasn’t actually called a prehistoric beast here; it was actually a monster from one of The Southern Isles.

As the man approached her he commented of how he believed her to be attractive to which she threatened him with a horrific death. At this point the man was talking about how he was looking for adventure and she told him that she was about to go into The Spire of Gozreh with her group to obtain “something important” to which Archimedes wanted in on the action.
Sam suggested that she was not the party leader, and stated that Kieana the paladin was the group leader, and then told Archimedes how Kieana was inside of dock 7 watching over the boat. Archimedes stated that he would go talk to Kieana when he got a little bit more buzzed, and then went back to drinking.

Suddenly the doors swung open to reveal a man wearing a dark, tattered, black cloak enter the tavern. The man had his cloak over his face to hide his features and asked for salt water. Suddenly the bard got up and ordered a mug of ale, and then sat next to Sam.

The man was a human who had medium length blonde hair, glasses, blue eyes, and wore a wealthy commoner’s attire that was common of bards. He had a rapier at his side and talked fluently. Sam didn’t recognize him at first, but after a few minutes of studying him deducted that he was someone important from her past and then asked if they could speak in private.

They then found an empty alley way to chat in, and had a lengthy conversation with the man who called himself Jeffrey. She had found out that the entrance to The Spire of Gozreh was at the bottom of the ocean, and that they would need a special means of transportation to get there. He then suggested that she ask Mytrin; the lord of this island.

The two then went in the tavern so that Jeffrey could tell the tavern keeper that something had come up and that he needed to leave. The strange cloaked figure got up and followed them when they walked out of the tavern. Jeffrey whispered that Sam should start running, and they both took off. Sam turned to look and saw the strange man was chasing them. They had finally arrived at dock 7 and noticed that the man was no longer chasing them.

Meanwhile Kale had finished learning the spell he had bought, and was going back to the ship. As Kale was walking toward dock 7 he had seen the strange figure that everyone claimed to have been invisible back at the port city of Ashwood. The man was watching Kale, but didn’t move to attack.

The conversation with Kieana was a little awkward. Especially considering that Archimedes and his strange pet walked in during the middle of the explanations. After explaining the whole thing with Jeffrey a little concerned about the abrupt lack of a chain of command the group then made their way to Mytrin’s palace.

The palace was on the side of the mountains that surrounded the town. There was a path in the mountains that led up to this hill, and when the party got to the walls of the palace they saw the large iron gates. The gates weren’t just solid iron, but they had been made out of iron bars.

Jeffrey did all the negotiating and got them inside the palace, and led them to Mytrin’s area. The inside of the palace had red carpets over marble floors, and various paintings that decorated the walls. Sometimes there was a nice gold thread couch in the hallways they were in, but they all noticed that both the doors to the palace and the hallways were huge.

They had finally come to a room that had blue painted walls, and had various pillows throughout the room like an opium den. The room was filled with smoke, and as the group adjusted their eyesight to see through the smoke, they then gazed at a dragon with light blue scales that appeared to be smoking a hookah with the mint flavor tobacco. Jeffrey then announced that this was Lord Mytrin.

After a discussion about The Spire of Gozreh Mytrin decided that it would be best for the group to go in and clear out the “Infestation” since it would save him time, but they needed to take with them one of Mytrin’s closest friends so that he could make sure that the group wasn’t going to vandalize anything, or loiter in his Spire. He introduced this friend as Nesterak.

Nesterak had gained Mytrin’s favor since some of the buildings that the group saw were burnt when they came into the city turned out to be the work of Hellspawn, or various types of Demons, Devils, and Daemons. During that time Nesterak had been healing civilians, and guards which saved valuable manpower.

They were to meet their ride to the tower in dock 5. When they were going to get to the Spire then their ride to the bottom was going to be there. As Mytrin had promised there was a ride waiting for them in dock 5. It was a shabby rowboat that only had one human to help man the boat, but he wasn’t going to row. Seeing as how no one wanted to row Kieana tied a rope to her Pegasus and had the rowboat Pegasus drawn rather than rowed.

When they arrived at the Spire they waited about twenty minutes before a merfolk woman emerged from the water. She and the human who had traveled with the party exchanged some rude conversation in Aquian, and before long he told the group that they needed to get into the water in order to procure their ride to the bottom. Kieana was untrustworthy as was most of the group.

Sam however was not so untrusting. She had gotten on the water. She realized that she couldn’t go below the water due to her ring of water walking so she took it off, and dropped in. When she dropped in Jeffrey also jumped into the water. Kieana asked what would happen if she didn’t go in, and the human replied stating that her friends would probably die without all the help they could get since the things that managed to raid the town so well were inside. Kieana had all the convincing she needed with that and jumped in.

Under the water was a large bubble that everyone fell into with ease. The merfolk woman didn’t seem to fall into the bubble. She started to push it down, and was quickly accompanied by four other merfolk. They then pushed the bubble to the bottom of the ocean, and to a doorway that was made out of concrete.

Beside the doorway were two black squares on either side of it. The merfolk put their hands on the squares and the doorway opened up. The merfolk quickly swam away to avoid getting sucked into the Spire with the bubble. The inside of the Spire didn’t have water in it so the pressure sucked up the bubble. Inside it was a room that was around 40 by 40, and had no features other than a few vents on either side of the room.

After thirty seconds of being in the room the door had shut. From there another thirty seconds of waiting and being concerned before the water in the room started to get vacuumed out. Only the bubble remained in the now dry room. Within a second of being out of water though the bubble popped.

There were two doors and everyone had decided that they were going to go through the right door. Unfortunately Nesterak was curious so he opened up the left door to reveal three toad like creatures in that room that were around ten feet tall. The creatures all seemed to be munching on merfolk remains, and the stench of death hit the travelers.

A battle broke out and the heroes had slain all three of the creatures. Upon slaying the toad creatures the adventurers noticed how fast the toad things rotted and decayed as they started to bloat and turn black within a minute of death.

The room they had entered to join the battle was about 80ft by 30ft. On the right side from where they were they saw a large staircase that led up. They decided to carry on and found themselves going through various locations that were filled with corpses of merfolk and several other humanoid creatures that were aquatic. All of the slain humanoid creatures had the brands of Mytrin on the back of their necks.

As the group moved up the stairs they came across various rooms, but none had too many interesting features aside from what looked to be like comfort and leisure areas. The most unique was the spiral staircase on the outside area of the spire that went up about four stories. It was quite large and open so that the party could see the entire interior area of the Spire on the levels that they traveled up using the staircase. It had humanoids hanging from chains the appeared to be hung from the top of the spiral staircase area, and the blood on the floors appeared to be flowing down these stairs at one point in time, but now it had all coagulated.

The group continued on to come across a room that seemed like it was full of eye markings. The markings were not the same from the devils that had taken Crawl though. Sam and Jeffrey continued forward to look for traps. Jeffrey wasn’t as lucky as Sam unfortunately and set off three traps and go sprayed with acid with each one.

After deducting that the traps reset after thirty seconds Kale decided to have everyone follow him, and he set off all the traps taking a heavy amount of acid damage, but shrugging it off due to the temporary hit points he gains with the vampiric touch spell.

The group made it through the room of eyes to open up the door to see the next room was filled with nine guerrilla looking creatures that were hooved, and had many horns that crowned their heads. The creatures began to use a fire breath all at once, but Kale was the only one who was in their line of fire, and Kale took the heat and came out practically unscathed.

The battle continued in the butcher room, aptly named later in Jeffrey’s journal since it was filled with the most corpses of all the rooms, and the blood from the corpses filled the room up six inches. The room was about 100ft by 60ft; with a large stair case at the opposite end. After a lengthy battle and many grievous attacks the party came out victorious.

The group made their way up the stair case at the opposite end of the room, and combat had finished just as the room of eyes had been reset, but everyone had long since evacuated. As they made their way up the staircase they came to the platform to which this stair section stopped, and another one to the left of them facing the other way kept going up.

They made it to the top of that staircase to see the spiral staircase section down below as the room they made it to had a balcony that overlooked the area. When they looked up they saw quite a long ways up to go, but it seemed the next room was one of the last that they would have to enter for a while as it went up about 200ft.

They entered the next room to see the room of stars. The room of stars was painted blue with yellow stars all the way up the cylinder shaped room that went up around 20ft. The middle section of the room had a lever on an obelisk much like the ones they had seen holding the
shards before. Unfortunately the lever was not a shard, and there was no scrying orb here.

While the group was contemplating what to do Sam abruptly pulled the lever which locked the room with metal bars, and it also caused a light amount of water to start trickling down the walls, but it probably would have taken an entire day to fill up the floor with a centimeter of water. As well the ceiling of the room opened up to reveal an extra 150ft of space before the next ceiling, and at the top there was a door on the side of the room at ceiling level. The lever also opened up another lever.

Sam then pulled the next lever since there didn’t seem to be anyway to get out. As she did the party noticed the water that lightly trickled down the walls before now turned into large waterfalls and started to fill up the room full of water.

Kale decided to spider climb up the walls even with the water flooding in, and Nesterak casted dimensional door to the top of the room where the door was. Kieana and Sam got on Kieana’s Pegasus and flew to the top. Sam jumped on the ledge where the door was at the top which only was about a six inch ledge. Sam wasn’t attempting to move so she didn’t have to worry about acrobatics.

Sam then opened the door since everyone else would be getting up soon. A chill ran up her spine as she heard chattering in abyssal, which she understood, that said: “More flesh to consume, and it came without me having to hunt it.” Sam turned around to see a large insectoid creature that walked on four legs, and had five claws. It had many eyes and a round mouth with row after row of pointy teeth.

Deciding that she would not be able to survive against something so menacing Sam decided to appear as if she had feinted. She managed to succeed, but that didn’t stop the insectoid creature who still decided to rend her body, but Kieana cast paladin sacrifice on Sam using two hero points since she didn’t notice until after it happened, and she decided to take all of Sam’s damage.

From there it took the members various amounts of time to get to the fight, and it was very fierce. The monster managed to succeed in summoning another one of its kind to help in the fight. After a while the second creature noticed how paladin sacrifice would hurt the paladin who was a very tough combatant, and kept attacking Sam causing immense damage to Kieana.

After the battle the group who still hadn’t gone through the dimensional door had jumped through right as the area became too flooded to stay in line of sight through the doorway. The group then noticed just how full of water the room they fought in had become, and shut the door when everyone had safely entered. Kieana channeled energy and healed everyone in the party for anything they needed to be healed for before they continued on.

The room they were in, while flooded, had various furnishings in it, and had a balcony to the left hand side in-between the area where the room of stars ended and the ramp way at the opposite side of the room. It had a hookah much like the one that Mytrin was smoking in his den.

They noticed that the room had a ramp on the opposite end from the door Sam and Jeffrey checked for traps and Jeffrey was abruptly hit with a trap that had a large axe come out and cleave him giving him significant damage. From there Sam told him to just let her do the trap detecting since he seemed to be failing more than anyone else in the group throughout the entire temple.

The corpses were of devils mostly, as well as several of the insectoid creatures and many humanoids with and without the brand of Mytrin. Those without the brand were not an Aquarian type of humanoid, but instead had black hair and some had black scales on various parts of their bodies. The mysterious humanoids all had mostly black clothes on.

Then the group turned to look to the left to see Crawl. Crawl was hung up about ten feet high on the wall above a doorway made out of a blue metal with various stars engraved on it. Crawl had his stomach sliced open and all of his entrails had poured out, and some intestines hung from him. Crawl also appeared to have his tattoos removed through being skinned off of him, and his throat was slashed.

Kieana took him down from the wall and attempted to piece his body back together to make him look as decent as she could. They then began talking about whether or not they should resurrect him, and they all concluded that after this much suffering no one would be able to live a normal life. They allowed him to have his eternal rest, but they wanted to know more information on what happened.

Kale decided to do a blood biography to figure out what happened. From there various things of Crawl’s past that were unimportant were brought up and after a while Kale finally saw what he had cast the spell to see.

The devils took Crawl to The Pit after Crawl had been teleported, and then they skinned his tattoo off upon realizing that he used to worship Hextor who was apparently competing with their god, Satan, for land in The Pit. From there they talked about how their allies from Nerul’s army had found one of the artifacts. Nerul’s army apparently gave them a magical orb with a picture within it that enable them to teleport directly to the door that they appeared to have been massacred outside of. Then it shows them taking Crawl there and preforming rituals on Crawl to turn him into a devil, and just as they had finished Crawl had witnessed his final moments being a dimensional door opening up and the men in black coming out and battling the devils. From there Kale saw fire as the biography ended.

Upon completion of the spell Kale then told the group of what all happened to Crawl and Kieana confirmed that it looked like Crawl was used for a ritual to create a devil. Though it seemed cruel though they weren’t done with what they came here to do. They saw several arcane runes etched into the floor of this room. Knowing that the one from the devils teleporting in would probably just be taunting them Kale decided not to read them. Sam however decided to read the one in front of the door where Crawl had been hung over. After twenty minutes of deciphering it while Kale was in his trance Sam came to the conclusion that it said:

“The worm of Gozreh is my name, eating my flesh to keep me tame.”

She relayed this information to the group as they decided to enter the next room. They opened the large blue metal doors to see a screen of a vibrant green color. When they entered their ability to cast arcane spells was reduced severely. They continued on through a hallway that was about thirty feet long, and it ended at a room that was in a large cylinder shape much like the room of stars. In the center was another obelisk, but this one actually appeared to be one that would hold a shard, unfortunately there was no shard within it.

The party saw four more of the men in black in this room, and one man in particular that had heavy orcish features, but he was covered in black scales, and had black reptilian wings. The group took note of how the person with black dragon wings was putting something onto his belt. Then the fight broke out between the two groups. The men in black seemed to be heavily wounded from their previous battle and fell quickly to the heroes.

The dark orc man with wings was using a whip that had blue markings. The party knew it had to be a shard of Erandicus’ fang. He fell quickly to Kieana who easily overpowered him due to him being evil. After the fight all, but one of the dark men had either fallen or died.

The last one standing was questioned by Kieana, and found out to not be a Hellspawn, but a chromatic dragonkin who serves Tiamat and would probably be tortured for his failure. He didn’t have much information that was relevant aside from that.

Sam then took her claim on The Ocean’s Whip, and also picked up the scrying orb from the winged orc man. During this time Kale did a blood transcription on one of the fallen dragonkin that seemed to use magic. He obtained the lightning bolt spell from this.

Upon their completion of questioning the black dragonkin man Kieana asked for a veil of his blood to which he kept refusing until Sam stabbed him and obtained the blood. This blood was used by Kale to do a blood biography spell.

The dragonkin’s life was quite uninteresting. He was borne in a village for chromatic dragon’s and dragonkin to be part of Tiamat’s army that had one ultimate goal: to destroy the metallic dragons. The man trained his inherent arcane spellcasting abilities and joined the army under his lieutenant who was the orc. They got this job and he barely survived the fight against the devils to be randomly defeated after completing his mission. Guessing from his overall backstory Kale predicts that when this man goes back to his village he will be thoroughly punished for his failure, but he will probably have a chance to redeem himself.

With that being done it concluded this game’s session. :)

The Taken, and The Hunted

The party decided to rest after their close battle with the handmaiden. While they dosed off their friend Hemostiph disappeared just as their friend Cale returned to see that the group was resting up. Cale had just gotten back from attempting to get Crawl who was waiting at the gates of heaven and hell.

Crawl unfortunately was captured by devils when Cale had gotten to the gates. Crawl spotted Cale just as the devils teleported both themselves and Crawl out of Osigesh and into the unknown. There was merely one thing that remained of Crawl. His bow of life. Cale picked it up and decided to pat it since he believed that the good magic kept the devils from taking it too. Cale decided that it would be best to look at the markings that were engraved upon the floors where the devils had teleported Crawl out of the city.

The markings read as followed:

“They’re wasted and gone.
He said farewell.
Enemy of mine.
Save me your speeches.
Play insanity heir of the high lord!
In floods of tears she cried.
Reigned in new horror crept quietly; insanity
Even of life farewell he said.
Oh I’m heir of the high lord!
Fearful into the unknown.
Go I heard in silence.
Of life did flicker.
Zen archer has fallen.
Road may be long and hard.
Even in silence I heard the words.
How long shall we mourn in the dark?
Farewell, he said
Farewell, he said
Farewell, he said
Farewell, he said
Farewell, he said”
From there the incantations on the floor trailed off into various scribbles and markings that meant little to the group other then it was a devil clan of some sort of swirling eye mark.

Seeing this Cale wrote it down within his spell book to show the rest of the group hoping that one of them would know what it meant or if it had any leads to where they might have taken Crawl. He translated the arcane writings into common and managed to make it back to the party and get his rest to regain his spells.

When the party awakened they noticed that Hemostiph had also mysteriously disappeared, and after reviewing the arcane markings Sam had deducted that they had the secret message The Spire of Gozreh written within the enchantments. The group decided that they had no clue where or what this temple was, but the more holy members of the party knew that Gozreh was the god of the sea, and that he was a neutral god. This would mean that having devils over would be very weird.

They then decided that no matter what they were still going to have to get the shard of Erandicus’ fang that was located deeper within Osigesh. Presumably it was behind the gate of paradise. Feeling renewed, if not a little worried, from their night of sleep the party continued.

They went into the observation area where they had previously fought the handmaiden devil and observed the dragon for a little while. They noticed that there was only one true part of the dragon that wasn’t completely engulfed in magma. That being its chest; which had a large red diamond on it.

As they left the observation room to go outside to where the magma dragon was in the large room just before the gate to paradise the temperature rose to a sweltering 130 degrees. This caused Kieana to use her scrolls to keep the group from baking. The scrolls that Tibby had given her were obviously meant to be used by non spellcasters since they didn’t require the user to complete the magic spell that was written down on the spell as normal which would have required a use magic devise check. She completed helping everyone from suffering through the horrible temperature and then set her focus on to the dragon.

Sam decided that she would try to be diplomatic which only proved to show that the dragon had become a puppet full on. She tried many different languages, but none seemed to get through to the dragon. When the combat began Sam quickly escaped the room and went back to the observation room where she wouldn’t have to worry about getting stuck in combat; remembering how horrible the previous day was for her.

They began to fight the mighty magma dragon that was guarding the door to paradise within the temple. The beast was cunning and used a glitterdust spell to throw Cale off of his normal guard and made him choose between offense and defense. Cale chose offense; though he was blinded.

The bow of life then told the Inquisitor, Heywood, “Hmm, that idiot of a magma dragon is shackled by The Pit. Down him and shoot one of my arrows through the crystal in his chest to free him.”

Heywood however, was quite hammered at the time of this battle seeing to do his daily meditation to retrieve his spells included consuming quite a lot of alcohol. It took the bow whispering to him a few times before he got the full meaning of the bow.

Finally after an grand battle the party had managed to down the magma dragon. This was largely due to a corrosive consumption spell that Cale had cast on the beast during combat. The acid ate away its molten flesh; causing both great pain and great damage. When the beast was down Heywood decided that he would shoot the magma dragon in the chest.

When the dragon was shot in the diamond in it’s chest the diamond started to crack and shattered. From here the dragon had green energy circulate throughout its body healing it. It quickly thanked the group and left as soon as it could, probably to avoid as much embarrassment as it could.

The group then made their way to the statue. Here they gave it the key to paradise, and as promised the statue opened the gate for them. Immediately upon it opening Kieana’s trusty steed mentally warned her that there was a great evil within this room.

As was promised when the door opened completely everyone of the heroes had been hit with a blast of negative energy. The only one who seemed really hurt by this was Kieana, but since she was one of the strongest physically she was able to tough it out.

The group then began their search for what was causing this negative energy. Behind the door was a room that was about 60ft in length. From what they could see right from the start there were two shelves on either side of the opened gate. The shelves were filled with various boxes. This room was probably used to keep all of the prisoner’s confiscated goods in.

Kieana used her horses sense of evil detection to quickly root out the problem of this evil. It was within a box that she and the rest of the party beheld a skull with runes around it. This skull was known as a darkskull, and it was one of the most evil items that the heroes had ever come across.

Heywood quickly used circle of anti-evil and managed to neutralize the problem from effecting everyone, but he did not cancel the effect. Upon further review the party determined that the skull needed to be destroyed physically in order for it’s horrible magic to stop working. Kieana gladly obliged and smashed the skull two times with her hammer. She smashed the skull into pieces and a blue mist came out of the skull, and formed into a face when it got close to Kieana, and it attempted to assure her that it would be back. Kieana being as strong as she was in the ways of the paladin was not frightened by this remark.

The party noticed that Sam didn’t seem to have any care about the evil skull since she had already began looting the various boxes within the room. From here the adventurers separated throughout the room. Heywood, and Sam were looting as much as they could while Kieana and Cale were more interested in the Hammer that was hovering with a scrying orb above an obelisk much like the one Cale and the group had seen in The Forest Palace.

Cale made a note that there was a line of universal magic that was going below the floor level with his Arcane Sight spell. Kieana decided that since neither of them knew what it did that they should wait until the group had finished clearing out this room of its various treasures before taking the hammer or the orb.

Cale decided that it would help things go along faster if he were to point out which boxes had magical items within them. He of course was the one who would loot the vary large boxes full of objects. He found a +4Great Axe, and a +2Axiomatic Lance among the two greatest things that the party had found in there as well as a Cloak of Arachnida, and a Ring of Swimming, Improved. Aside from that the room was filled mostly with scrolls and potions.

Then when the room was finally cleared of all of it’s magical goods the group then gathered around the obelisk to take the two things that they had came here for. What everyone knew was the second shard of Erandicus’ fang, The Warhammer of The Mountains, and the scrying orb that should indicate where the next shard will be.

Kieana took the hammer and the orb; finding it strange that she found the second orb in her pack when she was putting the new one away. Immediately Cale noticed the magical line swiftly plummet down below out of his sight, and after 42 seconds the ground began to rumble. Kieana dismissed her Pegasus mount and then Cale teleported everyone to the main street of Dulidran.

At the moment that they all gained there senses from the teleport spell they looked to the west to see that the mountains that blocked their view of Osigesh had black smoke rising above them. This indicated to the party that Osigesh had erupted.

The stun of seeing the volcano eruption from here averted everyone’s eyes from the shifting weapons who melded to the likings of their current wielders as much as their renewed power would allow.

Without hesitation the group quickly went to the magical goods emporium of Dulidran to sell all of their new treasures. Unfortunately for the store owner he became practically broke as the goods that once equaled out to be 284k gold coins were sold for a total of 100k gold coins to the party members since the store owner didn’t have the kind of money to buy the goods from the heroes.

After trading back and forth for various useful magical goods the heroes had finally achieved a level of satisfaction for having a huge amount of magical items and goods. Then a new, mysterious face walked in, but his features seemed vaguely familiar.

The man’s name was Bemosiph. He was a cleric/wizard who claimed to be Hemostiph’s brother. He then claimed that Hemostiph’s god, Osiris, had him teleport back to Salian for fear of the paladin getting too angry with Hemostiph’s raising the dead. Even though Hemostiph meant well from it Osiris knew that the paladin wasn’t going to allow it.

Hemostiph’s brother Bemosiph, however worshiped a god of healing rather then a god of undead. Hemosiph then explained how Imhotep wished only to heal rather than raise the dead. Needless to say Kieana liked this brother much more since he didn’t believe in raising abominations.

From here the group decided to have a night of sleep and meet up right outside of the town border in the morning at 10:00am to decide where they would be traveling next. As such they did, and of course Heywood showed up a half hour late with a raging hang over. It was only because of him being the wielder of the Bow of Life now that enabled the groups patience to keep him in the party.

Cale knew how to work the scrying orb since he saw Hemostiph do it last time with such ease, and it took Cale half the time to do it since Cale’s magical prowess was much more amazing to say the least. As the orb activated to show the heroes what was held in it the world around them went a grey blank for about ten seconds as the orb then shifted the world to show what was held within.

They all appeared upon a sandy beach next to a half elf with a black jacket, black pants, black boots, and the legendary sword Juru on his back. It was Lloyd the hero who had recorded this message, much like how he had recorded the last one.

Lloyd told the group of the next shard location as promised. It was within an Island called Millu Island. As the party looked around they saw a city in an alcove about two miles away. Also two miles off shore of this island there was a grand tower that jutted out of the ocean. Lloyd called this place The Spire of Gozreh the group then saw first hand where their friend Crawl might be.

Lloyd continued on to state that the shard was at the very top of this grand spire, but the entrance of the spire was at the bottom; the bottom of the ocean. With this Lloyd walked a little bit more into the waters to see a Merfolk girl swim right up to him and hand him a necklace that was made out of seashells. She then scurried back underwater, and the vision blurred then faded.

Bemosiph was caught off guard at first believing that it might be a teleport spell, but when they had returned to Dulidran he quickly realized that it was simply a scrying orb recording. Many of the group members had not clue where Millu Island was, but Sam knew that it was in the center of the three continents: Rosania, Salian, and Culanica.

Sam then directed the group to a town called Ashwood stating that it was a good port city in Rosania. The journey had taken two weeks and three days before the group arrived at The Elven Forest. Here the Inquisitor was getting quite upset since the country was in a state of prohibition. He was even considering burning down the gathering hall of a town known as Sky Oak. Though he was able to keep his barbaric tenancies from getting out of control for the group’s sake.

While the party was at the gathering hall of Sky Oak they overheard a conversation at a nearby table where the Elven members were talking about a set of mysterious disappearances, and how anyone who ever learns anything about what is happening in the swamp between Sky Oak, and Ashwood go missing themselves.

Kieana was discussing with the group about how it may be a good idea to invest in a guide to allow them to go through the swamp without any troubles when one mysteriously sprung up out of no where. He was an Elvish Monk who had been living in the forest enhancing his physical capabilities.

He assured that he knew the woods like the back of his fists. With that the group decided to get some sleep for the long days travel ahead of them. Two party members however were abruptly taken from their normal sleep to a grand room in their dreams. These two were Heywood, and Kieana.

This room was vast. It was 200ft by 200ft. It had lavish furnishings throughout the room that decorated it in a very stylish sense. There were red velvet couches and chairs with oak tables. Ornate marble designs could be seen throughout the flooring of this grand room. On the one side of the room they beheld a grand bay window with a view outside of aquatic life.

The bay window was about fifty feet tall, one-hundred feet long, and thirty feet deep. Within the bay window was a grand dining table with around fifty chairs on either side of it. At the very end of the table was a middle-aged human with a golden mane, and a golden beard. He had orange eyes, and wore clothes of nobility, but every now and then they noticed that when he took a deep breath fire would shoot out about six inches from his mouth. In front of him was a grand dinner.

The dinner was juicy steak, caviar, crab legs, lobster tail, wine, and a salad with sliced chick bits inside of it. As the two heroes approached the man they noticed the climate in the room went from a normal 70degrees to a sweltering 95degrees.

Heywood was the first to approach the gentlemen stating that he would like to join in the grand feast. The man kindly obliged by having one of the chairs pull out for Heywood by itself. Kieana followed after the man motioned for her to join them. She sat one seat closer to the man.

The man quickly stated that he was Erandicus a gold dragon lord from ten thousand years ago. As their conversation continued on Heywood decided to be rude to Kieana various times throughout the meal. Eventually Heywood was sick of being shrugged off as a minor inconvenience in the conversation, and decided that he wasn’t going to be ignored. He used his new Cloak of Arachnida to spew webs to entangle Kieana.

After a few seconds of being entangled Kieana was freed by Erandicus who simply waved his hand and all of the webs burned away. Erandicus then flung Heywood across the room and used magic to pin him to the ground.

Erandicus continued in his conversation about his fang and how he needed champions to gather all of the shards of his fang. He then told Kieana that the great evil her goddess mentioned was one that he knew how to combat. Kieana then jumped at the opportunity to help. As Erandicus continued on about how he needed champions she agreed to be one of his champions, and he stated that she could dismiss herself whenever she had enough of the feast.

She quickly did so as soon as she could not staying to enjoy this feast since she had a vibe that it was about to get rather uncomfortable in the room as Erandicus then made his way to Heywood.

Heywood then tried to bluff his way out of the situation, however Erandicus saw through all of his lies. The Inquisitor of Aleor wasn’t going to be able to slip away so easily in this one. Erandicus then quickly stated that he would help the paladin or karma would catch up with him. He simply laughed it off, but couldn’t escape Erandicus giving him a mark on his tongue. Though it didn’t particularly hurt to much the Inquisitor was rather unhappy to have the mark, but when he woke up he noticed that the outline was only there for a few seconds before it faded away.

Meanwhile Kieana had already woken up to see her new hammer was glowing red. She decided to inspect it and when she grabbed a hold of the hammer she felt the warmth of Erandicus’ flame spread throughout her body. She started panicking since she actually was on fire. She started running in every direction looking for water since she believed that even though the fire wouldn’t hurt her it would harm the building she was in which was made out of a tree inside of The Elven Forest. Though the fire quickly extinguished itself and left her with a permanent +2 to her Cha score after hearing Erandicus’ voice state “And now I imbue you with my fire.”

Heywood believed he had gotten off the hook and opened up a bottle of alcohol that he had smuggled into the country. When he attempted to put the bottle to his lips he noticed that he no longer had the ability. He then heard whispers from Erandicus stating that it was against the law.

After a few hours of trying to find ways around not following any laws for that matter the Inquisitor had enough and decided that he would attempt to bargain with his bow. He then begged his bow in front of several horrified citizens. Eventually he attempted to cut a deal with Erandicus that he would help in this journey as long as he could live free while he was helping.

Erandicus quickly agreed and allowed him to go back to his room to knock back a few. While he grabbed the bow to leave he saw the green life energy from the bow quickly encase him. He felt invigorated and better then ever upon getting this burst of energy. He heard Erandicus’ voice call out “And now I imbue you with my life essence.” and Heywood gained a much needed permanent +2 to his Con modifier.

Heywood, for once managed to get to the meeting place on time. Part of his deal was that even though he could break whatever law he wanted to whenever he wanted, whenever the paladin asked him to do something he had to obey.

With their new found power over Heywood the party set off on their way through the swamp to get to Ashwood. After two days of walking Kieana heard Erandicus whisper to her that she was being hunted by an ancient evil and that it was an excellent example of what they may come across later so this evil will probably serve as their true test to see if they are truly able to help Erandicus.

Kieana asked a question, but Erandicus didn’t have the answer so he simply did not reply. Several days longer of traveling through the swamp and Kieana got another whisper, but this one was not from Erandicus.

The group noticed Kieana stop in her tracks and simply yell “Not if I eat it first!” confused the group asked if she was okay to which she replied that it was probably best if they made camp for the night.

Bemosiph used web shelter for comfort for the night while the Monk guide simply slept on the ground. Sam slept on her bed roll, though it offered little comfort from the solid ground. Heywood used his cloak to spider walk up a tree and make a web for himself too, but Cale and Kieana decided that they would both stand guard.

Midway through the night Heywood suddenly arose from his webbed hammock, and pulled out the bow of life. He then shot Sam who was sleeping. From there Kieana determined that Heywood was under the control of a spell that made him attack his own friends.

The group quickly subdued Heywood, and managed to protection from evil him which enabled him to succeed on his much needed will save. From there the very jumpy group got very little sleep on this night. Sam especially felt awkward since she was suddenly shot by one of her own party members.

In the morning the group set off toward Ashwood. Once they had gotten to Ashwood Bemosiph and Cale decided to swap spell books and copy spells off of each other. Heywood was out looking for a boat to hire to take the party across the ocean to Millu Island, and Sam was likewise doing the same. Kieana, and the Monk were resting to get back all of their energy from the long journey.

Heywood finally stumbled across a ship that looked like it had a competent crew in his opinion. He saw a crew of very rough looking individuals who were being led by an Elf woman in a captains attire. The captain girl was having a chat with a man (See character Alexander Siftious for description).

After some talking, and negotiating Heywood finally stated that he would simply like to buy the ship for 10,000gp. All of the crew looked slightly stunned by this and questioned whether or not they actually had the gold. The man then told the captain girl that it must be her lucky day. She replied with “Why you’re the captain!”

Heywood then managed to convince him through visual means outside of the ship that he had the money, and they were all stunned to see that he actually had the gold. The deckhands seemed to be excited as hell about the amount of money they would be receiving talking about how they were going to live like kings as they walked away.

Meanwhile Sam was not having nearly as much luck with finding a confident ship and crew since they all talked briefly about how there was a tyrannical leader of Millu Island. Sam knew that there was a Monarchy style of government, but she didn’t think that it could be as bad as many of the sailors were claiming it to be.

Upon further investigation she found that Millu Island was actually a slave island with their Monarch being a Brine Dragon known as Mytrin. She then stumbled upon a boat with a group of sailors huddled together with what looked to be a female captain with them. As she approached the crew a red blade got in her way.

She then recognized Alexander Siftious. The Blood Magus whom she had helped defeat in The Forest Palace. She hadn’t been informed of his release from punishment and started to get scared believing that he might try to kill her. After a brief talk she decided to cautiously stay aboard since she had learned that this ship was going to Millu Island.

Sam then asked Alexander who the captain was. He replied by raising his hand. She questioned further before he asked the crew who the captain was and they all pointed to him. Stunned she decided that this might be a very wild journey if she can convince this mystery playboy to allow her party to join their voyage.

While Sam waited on the boat Heywood decided to get contracts lined up, but he wasn’t going to sign contracts without the rest of the party to be there to stop the crew from potentially mugging him and leaving. He convinced Kieana, Cale, Bemosiph, and the Monk to join him in signing the contracts. Once that was complete they would then search the city for wherever Sam went.

When they were boarded everyone was a little stunned to see both Sam, and Alexander on the boat. Kieana, and Cale weren’t nearly as scared of this situation as Sam seemed to be since they were the ones who helped Alexander’s trial case to help prove that he was innocent.

From here Heywood signed a total of ten contracts, noting that the contracts were subject to termination if there was ever a threat of death upon the crew mates. Also noting that Alexander’s contract instead stated that his contract was void if his capability to be badass was ever impaired.

From here they took a tour to quickly get stopped by Bemosiph who pointed out a mass of poison and magic in an invisible humanoid figure on the bow of the ship. Cale noticed the man a few times before now since he had see invisibility as a permanent spell. Cale simply thought that he was the uninterested member of the crew up until now, not really paying attention to how many contracts were given to Heywood.

The figure turned toward the party when it realized that it had been detected. What Cale saw was a humanoid shape in tattered black cloth. When it turned to face them it’s pupils were a mere slit, and it’s eyes were glowing orange. Other then that it had other various reptilian features on its face, which was the only area not covered up by the tattered black cloth.

The figure quickly leaped into the ocean and sank several feet below the water. Bemosiph noted that the poison portion grew a little bit, and turned into more of a duel sphere shape that was about the size of two humans. The detect magic portion grew to be larger then the entire boat and it swam off before Bemosiph could observe it more.

From here they got the remainder of the tour and Heywood handed over all of the money that was promised. They learned that since there is six party members that, that was the perfect amount since that was the amount of available rooms that weren’t being taken up by the other nine crew members.

Now the heroes’ journey across the ocean is right in front of them. A very unsure future awaits them as they wonder if they will ever see Crawl again, or if they will ever find a way to get this mysterious hunter off of their trail. Next week; a journey to Millu Island!!


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